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The joys of sending letters and postcards while on holiday

The joys of sending letters and postcards while on holiday

There once was a time where every holiday, trip, and weekend away was marked with a postcard and a letter home for loved ones. Those days are gone for many, but in a world racked with social media, smartphones, and constant connectivity, more and more people are returning to the humble letter or postcard. It’s not hard to see why.

A heartfelt letter or postcard, posted with an envelope from, is an ideal way to make any holiday or trip feel that little bit more special. Whether it’s a journey of ten miles, or ten thousand, mark it with a postcard.

The personal touch
Virtually everyone of every generation has a smartphone now. It’s so easy to text your friends and family with up-to-the minute snaps of your holiday and real-time commentary, the humble letter or postcard home has fallen out of favour. But it’s starting to become more popular again, as many are starting to feel technology encroaching too far into their downtime.

Writing a letter or a postcard is an intimate, personal experience – it shows that thought, consideration, and time has been put into the activity rather than just thirty seconds of a thumb tapping a screen.

When someone sits to write a letter or postcard, it gives them the opportunity to digest their experiences. Technology allows everything to be instant, but that means the actual enjoyment of the experience is often lost. Many prefer to take their time, truly appreciate what they’ve done, then write it down.

Writing a postcard or letter also allows the sender to think a little longer about how they want to express themselves. Texts are so quickly sent that they can often be poorly worded or misleading. With a letter there is time to think about what really needs to be said – and remember that a beautiful postcard is a keepsake in its own right.

Choosing the right envelope
A piece of heartfelt communication needs the right envelope to make sure it arrives at its destination safely, and that it has the best possible impact. Envelopes are not created equal, and it never does a heartfelt letter or postcard justice to be sent in a standard white or brown envelope – as if it were nothing but a standard bill.

Put a little more consideration into choosing a high-quality envelope with a pleasing colour scheme, or maybe even a custom design. It makes sending a letter/postcard a truly memorable experience for both sender and recipient.