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The eight reasons to rent a boat on vacation

The eight reasons to rent a boat on vacation

When it comes to vacations planning, we don’t hesitate to book a hotel, or rent a house on the beach to put aside routine and enjoy a few days with family or friends. But renting a boat and taking relaxed sailing vacation for many people still fall out of the scope of possible travel options.

For this reason, we want to share with you eight reasons (these are only the main ones, there are many more!) why renting a boat on vacation will be a great option.

1. You can rent a boat with very attractive prices
You don’t need to have your own boat to enjoy one. Thanks to sites like , you can now rent a boat cheaply and easily. This web site accumulates hundreds of owners and professional fleet operators who specialize in renting out their boats with only skipper or the whole crew.

2. You can compare different boats and book the one that fits you best
It’s like booking a hotel, when you can check all available offers online. You only need to choose desired dates and destination and pick up the boat that suits you best: you may also filter results by the boat type, price and number of guests ... Pretty much the same as booking a hotel!

3. You will never be so close to the sea
During the holidays, we always try to relax and book a hotel near the beach, but in reality, you will never be so close to the sea than on board a boat. Also, hotel prices go up based on their proximity to the beach, this won’t happen when you rent a boat!

4. Access to the most beautiful coves, beaches and bays
Chartering a boat will give you a chance to reach places that would otherwise be inaccessible. In addition, you can leave behind the tourist beaches, full of people where you can find a place to spread your towel and begin to relax. The true crystalline coves, the deserted beaches, the calm, the intimacy and the most incredible landscapes will be just for you.

5. An exceptional view from your room
The views that you can admire during your sailing vacation on boat will not disappoint you! You can anchor in front of the sunset or settle next to a more hidden, intimate and romantic bay. You can also find friendly neighbors to chat with or walk away to have the party without the noise disturbing someone. In short, endless possibilities!

6. The freedom
Sailing offers a unique feeling of freedom and lightness that is completely unmatched by any other sensation. In addition, it allows breaking with the routine and the increasing pressure of professional life. Why not give this unique and original experience a try? If you do not have sailing license or simply don’t know how to operate the boat, you can always ask for a professional skipper in the area who will direct you to the best places: do not hesitate to ask your nautical questions and start your steps as captain!

7. They are all facilities!
On our platform you can rent the boat of your dreams in just a few clicks. Choose your destination, and use the filters to find the boat that best suits your criteria: our large fleet available all over the world is waiting for you! Depending on the type of boat, its dimensions, and the country in which you rent it, you should keep in mind that you may need a sailing license (if you want to sail by yourself). Or you may reserve boat with professional skipper or the whole crew for relaxed all-inclusive sailing vacation.

8. A fun activity for children
Sailing vacation is an incredible opportunity to introduce children to the marine world. There is a great infinity of things to learn about the sea and its inhabitants. You will have the possibility to practice a lot of fun activities together like kayaking, water skiing, or even snorkeling!

Above are the eight reasons why you need to go on a boat vacation. To be honest there are many other ones. Are you now ready to book?