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The Easiest Way To Travel All Over The World For Free

The Easiest Way To Travel All Over The World For Free

If you have ever thought of going on the trip around the world but finances have always been an issue, it seems we have come with a solution for you! Many people wonder how do these frequent travellers manage to do both: visit new places every day or two and also have enough money to do so. The answer to this often lies in the usage of rewarding travel credit cards by them enabling frequent travellers to accumulate points and later convert them into airplane tickets.

These credit cards for travelling usually come in two main forms, the secured and unsecured. There is a significant difference between the principles of theirs’ functioning. To help you figure these out we will discuss the secured credit card reviews and talk about all the implications of their usage: how do secured credit cards work?

One Secured Credit Card, No Worries
To begin with, let us explain the difference between the two mentioned above card types. The secured one requires you to prove your paying capacity by depositing the sum of money which later will be available for you as a credit line. So, if you deposit $400, you are able to use up to $400 credit money. And in case you cannot payoff the debt, the issuer will independently withdraw this sum of money from the deposited costs.

When it comes to the unsecured option, this one suits perfectly the people who have a taintless credit history and have always repaid their debts on time. The so-called credit score is nowadays available at request to a third party so you should take this into consideration and try to keep your history clean. As only in this case you will be eligible for such a decent card. In cases of no credit history or already a spoiled one, go for the secured one!

Below are our top suggestions for secured credit card rewards you may opt for:
Chase Sapphire Reserve: this one is determined to be the best in the number of categories. It allows you to accumulate $750 for travels in case of spending $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.
Chase Sapphire Preferred: is a top-runner and this is owing to its lowest annual fee. Moreover, it does not charge any foreign transaction fees thus making it especially convenient for use in travels.
Platinum Card® from American Express: is considered to be the best for travel perks and benefits. This one covers all aspects of travelling starting from Uber and to baggage fees making it of special value to frequent travellers even with a fee amounting to $550 annually.

To wrap things up, for those wishing to travel, there are always some opportunities to spend less in the long-time perspective. To use these benefits you must consider opening a credit card, either a secured or unsecured one, and start earning that points!