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The best holiday destinations for 2012

The rain stings your face as you lean against the bus stop, shivering while the wind whips down the street. To your relief, you see your bus and stretch out a timid hand to signal to the driver, but he can’t see you through the mist, you start to wave frantically leaning dangerously over the curb. Before you know it, the front wheel of the bus sinks into a water-filled pothole and soaks you as the driver hurtles past with a glazed look in his eyes. As you peer down to your sodden shoes, you are probably starting to think, ‘I need a holiday,’ and who’d disagree?

January is a difficult time for us all, the winter blues really start to kick in and we begin to beg to see just a little sunshine. Of course the British summer is rarely a scorcher and if you can’t wait till then, 2012 could seem like a long year.

But there is a remedy: by booking a holiday for 2012 you can give yourself something to look forward to. Here are some great holiday destinations for 2012 to whet your appetite.


There’s no better place to start than the country nominated the top destination for a holiday in 2012 by travel guide, Lonely Planet. Perhaps not the first place you’d consider when planning a trip, Uganda boasts stunning scenery and an impressive range of wildlife.

With South Sudan to the north, the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, Rwanda and Tanzania to the south and Kenya to the east, there’s plenty of scope for travel after you’ve enjoyed everything Uganda has to offer.

One of the most popular activities for travellers in Uganda is watching wildlife. And of all the animals that live in the country it is the endangered mountain gorilla that is the most famous; over half of the world’s remaining population live in Uganda’s rainforests. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the best place to see these majestic animals and while you’re there you can also enjoy Africa’s largest variety of birds.

Uganda is also the source of Nile and the terrain ranges from vast mountains and dense jungle to desolate savannah and sprawling lakes. If you love an adventure and want to remember your 2012 holiday for life then Uganda could well be the destination for you.


There is only one place to be this summer and that’s London for the 2012 Olympics. It is a wonderful event and if you want to witness history in the making, then a trip to London is a necessity. Book now because the nearer the games get, the more difficult it will be to find hotels in London.


There are plenty of reasons why Spain remains such a popular holiday destination. The weather is consistently hot and with airlines battling with each other to offer you the cheapest flights, you can get some winter sun without breaking the bank.

Spain isn’t just about the beaches (although they are pretty good); if you are looking for something different, try a city break to Valencia, a walking holiday in northern Spain or camping in Catalonia.


The architecture, food and history that define Italy are the reasons so many people venture to this beautiful part of the world. Rome, Venice, Florence, the list goes on and if you really want to push the boat out, why not make a holiday out of the journey there and take the luxurious Orient Express.

If you still can’t decide where to go, then why don’t you take a look at the World Events Map by HotelClub to get a full overview of what’s on across the world. You can view month-by-month listings and if you are feeling daring, you can make a decision then and there, as soon as you see something that takes your fancy!