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The best destinations for “nights out”

The best destinations for “nights out”

People choose to travel and explore the world for a huge range of reasons. Some want to get away from it all and find a quiet destination off the beaten track, others are looking to explore the most famous cultural heritage sites of the world. Yet when it comes to it, leisure travel is all about enjoyment, and for many travelers, the most important thing is to visit a spot where they can relax and be guaranteed a good night out.

Let’s look at some of the best places in Europe that guarantee a great holiday with a fantastic nightlife you will never forget.

Ibiza is, quite simply, the party capital of the world. From its insane beach parties to Privilege, the world’s biggest nightclub: if you have never been to Ibiza, you have never truly partied.

As the whole island is geared toward party-loving visitors from all around the world, you should have no difficulty finding some great Ibiza vacation rentals and holiday accommodation.

If you need a break from the partying, even this is possible in Ibiza. The island has some great restaurants for a quieter night out, such as Amante, a beach restaurant on three floors that is tucked away in the spectacular surrounds of the nature reserve, a little apart from all of the action. 

Our next choice might raise a few eyebrows – surely Paris is better known for the romance of the Seine and the culture of the Louvre than for its nightlife? The truth is that Paris is one of the most buzzing, vibrant cities in Europe, and provides visitors with a bit of everything.

Turn any corner and you will find a cafe or restaurant to fit every possible taste and budget, from a burger at MacDonald’s to some of the most famous bistros in the world. 

No less numerous are the bars and clubs, from the traditional cabaret of the Moulin Rouge, with its iconic windmill, to Monseigneur Paris, a club famed for house and techno situated close to Gare St Lazare. If you visit during August, you could even take in the internationally acclaimed Rock en Seine music festival, where this year’s acts include Franz Ferdinand and PJ Harvey.

There is also plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation in Paris, but bear in mind that anything in the city center is expensive. However, the Paris Metro is quick, safe and reliable, so traveling in from the suburbs is no trouble at all.

The Hungarian capital is another destination that blends traditional culture with a growing reputation for a lively nightlife, but here they do so in their very own way.

The historic spas, that look like just another tourist attraction by day, become crazy bath parties by night, fueled by music, drink and amazing lighting effects. Also check out the “ruin bars”  - these are lively bars set up in old derelict houses that are popular with locals and tourists. They provide a wonderful setting for a unique night out.

Accommodation in Budapest is cheaper than many European capitals, and there really is something for everyone, from the slightly faded art deco grandeur of the Danubius Hotel Gellert in the city center to numerous small boarding houses and B&Bs.

Amsterdam is second only to Ibiza when it comes to a party reputation, and deservedly so. There are venues catering to every imaginable taste, from party bars like Milkweg in the city center to post-industrial warehouse style nightclubs, such as Wester Unie on the outskirts of the city. 

Amsterdam is a modern city, designed with the international traveler in mind. The local airport, Schiphol, is the third largest in Europe, so visiting and getting around could not be easier.

As you might expect for such a cosmopolitan city, you will find food and accommodation options to suit all tastes and wallets. You will also find the Dutch are among the most friendly and welcoming people you could hope to meet, so if you’ve never tried it, you should definitely give Amsterdam a go!

Are you ready to party?
These are just a few of the great destinations where you can explore a new city by day and have an amazing time partying all night. So what are you waiting for, get out there and enjoy. And just remember, there will be plenty of time for catching up on your sleep during the flight home!