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Thanksgiving 2017 Expected to the Busiest & Coldest Week for US Travel

Thanksgiving 2017 Expected to the Busiest & Coldest Week for US Travel

It may make no difference to landlubbers, but those travelling to the US in the coming days are in for some really strange Thanksgiving Day weather this year.

Recently, the National Weather Service forecasted that cold winds and a heavy downpour will engulf the country in the coming weeks. And weather forecasters have also predicted a possible storm during the thanksgiving weekend.

Weather reports suggest that bitterly cold air will take the Midwest and Eastern American states in its fold. This will impact the weather making the conditions frigid and will cause time delays from Midwest to Northeast regions.

Slight disruptions related to rain, thunderstorms and fog may impact the South Central region to the South eastern states of the USA. Though the deluge is likely to engulf the region, it will fall short of the summertime torrential downpours.

In addition, regions including the central Gulf coast and the Tennessee Valley, including the areas of New Orleans and Nashville, are expected to witness a potential thunderstorm. Thunder showers are likely to reach as far as Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday next week. Experts also predict that the thunder storm will be weaker and the rains will possibly disperse by Thanksgiving Day i.e., Thursday, 23rd November 2017.

On Thanksgiving Day, South Texas may experience slight rainfall as a part of the potential storm that’s expected to hit the region mid next week.

Thanksgiving week also remains the busiest time of the year with millions of budget conscious vacationers hopping aboard flights to USA. All thanks to the budget-friendly accommodations, favorable exchange rates, and cheap airfares!

But Thanksgiving holidays also bring along notorious transportation delays, traffic and travel snags. Travellers are exposed to the potential threat of flight delays and traffic jams at almost every nook and cranny.

Given the prediction of adverse weather during thanksgiving week, it makes sense to buy travel insurance plans that adequately cover you against flight delays. if you’re travelling to or within the US during the holiday weekend. 

If experts are to be believed, Thanksgiving 2017 isn’t going to be an exception. Despite the bad weather forecast, 28.5 million travellers are expected to fly to the USA. This is 3 percent increase as against same time last year, according to airline trade group Airlines for America. 

28.5 million travellers means that an average of 2.38 million people will be travelling to and from American airports every day during the thanksgiving week, i.e., from Friday, November 17 through Tuesday, November 28.

Experts also predict that the number of international college students travelling to the USA this Thanksgiving is also going to be more than last year. 

Every November, a large number of international college students head to the USA to take up on-campus jobs offered by various American universities. And a fair share of these 28.5 million travellers will be these international college students. Such students travelling to the USA for internship projects compulsorily need to buy student travel insurance plan when travelling to American universities for internship projects.

So if you are travelling to the USA for the Thanksgiving weekend, make sure that you’re adequately prepared against frosty weather and overwhelming crowd.