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Tequila Academy PDC open to provide educational tequila tastings in the Caribbean Mexico

Tequila Academy PDC open to provide educational tequila tastings in the Caribbean Mexico

Most visitors to Mexico find themselves overwhelmed by the selection of tequilas provided by local stores. It is no wonder. Tequila is the fastest growing category in the global spirits market. The numbers talk for themselves. According to The Spirits Business magazine, the total sales was £5.3bn in 2009 which increased to £7.3bn in 2015. By 2019 it is expected to hit £10bn. A research of Tequila Matchmaker shows that on average 9 new brands are launched each month. And the trend is, that tequila is no longer about cheap shots of “mixtos” or margarita cocktails, but about high-end 100% agave premium tequila brands.
Despite the success and growing popularity of tequila among consumers, there is still little education to be provided for those visiting Riviera Maya, the Caribbean tourist paradise in Mexico.

Tequila Academy of Playa del Carmen is now providing private professional tequila tasting for those who wish to learn more about Mexico’s sacred spirit. For those who are not familiar, Playa del Carmen is a popular tourist destination right in the middle of Riviera Maya, just a little bit south of Cancun.

The tequila tastings are hosted by a WSET qualified tutor and in a similar style to when doing wine tastings or whisky tastings back home at local tasting event. As an addition Tequila Academy offers another nice and unique feature: they offer professional private tastings in the comfort of their guests’ apartment, house or condo. During the one and a half hour long event, participants will taste different styles of tequila, learn about the history, production, types and classes of tequila. The aim is to learn and be able to shop tequila with confidence. Furthermore certificate of achievement is provided at the end of the event.

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