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Take A Break Travel Names Four of the Best Cruise Destinations in the World

Take A Break Travel Names Four of the Best Cruise Destinations in the World

Choosing a cruise for the amenities alone is overwhelming, but deciding on the location you want to travel to can be even harder. There are so many options to choose from and a plethora of activities to do in every destination. You want to pick a place where you will get your money’s worth and never feel unsure of what to do. For those novice cruise travelers or experts looking for something new, these destinations will not disappoint.


Best time of year to visit: April-October

Hawaii is arguably the best place for novice cruise adventurers to start with. The many islands offer a vast array of options and scenic views. One of the most popular islands is the island of O’ahu. It is home to the city of Honolulu where culture thrives and beaches are plentiful. If you want a little of both then here is your chance. The city of Honolulu has plenty of places to visit and is considered one of the best places to eat your way through Hawaii. From Hawaiian fusion restaurants to markets to food vendors on the streets, there is always something new to try. The city is crowded so when you need a break from the streets then head on over to the beach or adventure through the forest trails.

Maui is another great island that offers an assortment of options like O’ahu. The island offers a variety of beaches for whatever you feel like doing. If you want to snorkel or scuba dive, kite board, suntan on the soft sands, or surf some of the biggest waves then they are all available to you. Maui also has many hiking trails that lead to serene waterfalls and bamboo forests for you to explore. Of course when you are ready to eat, Maui has plenty of fresh caught fish and grass fed beef for you to enjoy.

Maui and O’ahu are just a few of the islands that Hawaii has to offer. Check out the islands of Lana’i, Hawai’I, Moloka’i, and Kaua’i for other Hawaiian adventures.

Sydney, Australia

Best time of year to visit: September-November, March-May

Sydney is an incredible city that has many beautiful locations and will never have you feeling bored. If you only have a few days in the city it is best to choose a handful of places to visit while you are there.

The iconic Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must see when visiting Sydney. The architecture alone is great to see, so take a stroll around the building or join a guided tour to see the concert halls, theaters, studios, and cinema all inside the opera house. Another great location to visit is The Rocks. This historic districts cobblestone streets are lined with restaurants, shops, cafes and markets all within walking distance. The Rocks is Australia’s first European settlement and home to Cadman Cottage, Sydney’s oldest house, built in 1816.

If you want the best view of the city then head up to the Sydney Tower. The tower features a restaurant and café at the top where you can view the city below. If you are afraid of heights this might not be the place for you since the tower floor has a glass viewing platform.

While these are just a few places the city has to offer, you can also check out the Royal Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park, Kings Cross, and other great places in Sydney.

Nova Scotia

Best time of year to visit: July-August, early October

Nova Scotia is another place that is often not thought of as a cruse destination, yet there is so much that it has to offer. It is worth mentioning that if you are not fond of cold weather then going in June, July, or August is your best bet. Going in October is beautiful, as the leaves are changing at this time, but is much colder.

Peggys Cove is a fishing town located not far from Halifax that is known for its incredible lighthouse and colorful houses. If you are looking for excellent seafood then check out some restaurants while you are there.

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park is another must see when visiting Nova Scotia. The park covers around nine hundred and fifty feet of Breton Island and has the highest vantage points in all of Nova Scotia, and is one of the best places to see wildlife.

Check out some of the other incredible places in Nova Scotia like Halifax and the historic fortress in Louisbourg.

London, England

Best time of year to visit: June-August

The vast city of London is a great place to visit for a cruise. While it often is rainy or cloudy, do not let that stop you from going. There are many museums, cathedrals, tourist attractions, and city streets to explore.

If you are looking for the best view in all of London then head over to the London Eye. It is an observation wheel, like a ferris wheel, that rotates around to see the London cityscape, including the famous Big Ben and Parliament. If you choose to venture over to the London Eye then make sure to check out Big Ben and Parliament close up since they are just across the bridge.

For those interested in architecture or history, or anyone looking for a wonderful experience, the Westminster Abbey Cathedral is a fantastic place to visit. The cathedral is humbling. Many kings and queens, along with other famous British historical figures are buried there. Westminster Abbey offers tours, or you can walk around and explore on your own.

The city of London has much to offer including Hyde Park, the British Museum, the Covent Garden shopping plaza, and many more.