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Stag do in Krakow – how to make it unforgettable?

Stag do in Krakow – how to make it unforgettable?

The organization of a stag do usually rests with the groom’s best man. It is a task that requires a group of people to work together and organize activities tailored to the preferences of the groom and his friends. Previously, a stag party was mainly associated with a party or evening out, but weekend trips are increasingly organized not only outside the city, but also to another country. One of the destinations chosen by the groom and his friends is Krakow.

Why organize a stag do in Krakow?
Organizing a stag activities should start by preparing a list of guests, it is worth communicating with the groom, unless we know him enough to know who is going to attend his evening. After gathering a group of friends, it is worth determining what entertainment will be the main point of the stag do – paintball, bowling, or maybe a trip to the shooting range? It is important that the main attraction is tailored to the tastes of the groom. When organizing a stag party, we should not forget about the gift that the groom will receive. After determining the details, it is worth taking care of booking, both transport, accommodation and attractions. Failure to book in advance can spoil the whole plan and the fun.

Wondering where to organize a stag do for your friend? Krakow is an excellent choice! This is a city where you will not be bored, often chosen for the organization of a bachelor party. Organized groups are welcome in Krakow, plus there are many bars and clubs open all night long, so you can celebrate without worrying about the end of the party too early.

Stag activities in Krakow
If you plan to organize a stag do in Krakow, it is worth taking care of the attraction to use this time 100%. The main attraction is the basis of your trip, but when going for a stag do to Krakow it is worth making the most of the trip. This historic city hides many beautiful places that are worth seeing. While in Krakow you have to visit the Wawel Castle, see the Old Town and visit the Cloth Hall. For those who like to relax in the open air, a great choice will be the Vistula Boulevards, as well as restaurants located on the Vistula. On a sunny day it is a perfect place to relax and admire the charms of the city. Do you like heights and beautiful views? Balloon flight is the best stag idea for you! Near the Forum Hall there is a balloon that rises upwards, and we can admire the panorama of the city. If you have more free time you can go on a cruise to Tyniec or take part in a boat party. Groups during stag parties in Krakow gladly choose to explore the city by Melex or Segway.

How to choose the main attraction of a stag party in Krakow?
You already know how to organize an interesting and full of surprises trip. But you still don’t have an idea for the main attraction of the evening? Think of a more masculine pastime than shooting a gun. It is an excellent attraction for lovers of games, history and gangster cinema, as well as for those who just want to shoot. A visit to the shooting range during the stag party will awaken the spirit of competition and properly tune in for the rest of the evening. It is an excellent entertainment for several people, therefore none of the participants of the fun will be bored. How to prepare for a visit to the shooting range during a stag night in Krakow? Start by booking, Krakow is a city very often visited by tourists, so getting to popular attractions without booking may not be possible. During a visit to the shooting range you need to be sober, so it is worth choosing this attraction to start the fun.

Which shooting range to choose during the bachelor party in Krakow?
There are several shooting ranges in Krakow, but one of them deserves special attention. Cracow Shooting Academy is a shooting range located on Jan Surzyckiego Street. You can easily get there by taxi or public transport, and after the fun is over you will quickly return to the city center to continue the fun. At the shooting range is waiting experienced squad, who without any problem speaks English, so you do not have to worry about communication barrier. In addition, the shooting range is adapted to receive large groups, e.g. during stag do. Krakow is a city often chosen by people who want to start their shooting adventure or hone their skills. Cracow Shooting Academy has over 2,000 positive reviews on Google, with an average of 4.9. Among so many reviews we will also find those written by foreign visitors.

Beginning of the stag night in Krakow at the shooting range
Upon arrival at the shooting range, each participant of the stag do will undergo professional training, as well as be equipped with protective glasses and ear pads. During the shooting, your safety will be supervised by an instructor at all times. After the fun together, you can take a commemorative photo with any weapon. When going to the shooting range remember to wear comfortable clothes that do not hinder movements, crazy outfits are welcome here! After the game at the shooting range, you can continue the rest of the stag night in Krakow and in champagne mood set off for the further conquest of the city.

How to organize a stag do in Krakow at the shooting range?
The Cracow Shooting Academy offers more than 40 different types of weapons. For history lovers, a historical weapon has been prepared. We will also find classics of short and long weapons. Thanks to this, you will adjust the package to the tastes of each participant, especially the groom, for whom you can choose a special package. When booking, you must choose 1 of 7 ready-made packages, which vary in price, quantity of weapons and shots. You can also compose your own package. The Basic pack includes 25 shots and 3 types of weapons, and the largest Badass 70 shots and 6 types of weapons. Before visiting Cracow Shooting Academy, do not forget to book well in advance, it is a popular place not only for organizing bachelor parties in Krakow.