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Snus - a Swedish Trademark

Snus - a Swedish Trademark

Swedish Snus is an oral smokeless product made from air-cured tobacco, water, salt, and some added flavours. The production of this product involves heat treatment to make it safe for human consumption. The product can be either loose or portion, and have a moisture content ranging from 30 to 60 percent. Most of the Swedish snus users place the product in their upper vestibular cavity of the mouth. The Swedish Food Act regulates this product since it’s a very popular product over in Sweden.

Snus Harm Reduction Strategies
Swedish Match, which is the production company, has been working so hard on improving the product in a way that would reduce the health risks. The process begins with selecting the tobacco leaves. The materials are chosen carefully. The important factor considered when selecting the leaves is the chemical composition of the leaves. This is initially determined by the physical characteristics of the leaf.

Swedish Snus is produced in a more sophisticated manner which involves the heat treatment process. This process is meant to replace the old fashioned way of fermentation. As a result of these production measures, Snus contains fewer nitrosamines and hydrocarbons compared to other smokeless tobacco products. It has been evaluated by several scientific studies. These researched have found that it has reduced health risks compared to cigarettes.

Siberian Snus
Another very similar product is Siberia Snus. This one has a high nicotine content, and it will leave you feeling nice and relaxed. The manufacturing company offers different flavours, and this can help you switch your experience every now and then. Others are even developed with a lower nicotine content. An example of that is the -80 degrees White Portion that contains only 24mg/g.
The Siberian products have moisture levels that are well-balanced and great for your lips. On the other hand, the White Portions have a dryer texture that helps to minimise mouth dripping and retain the flavour for a longer time. The strong portions come with a mint flavour that has a slight burning effect. This one will leave your mouth feeling refreshed. For those who don’t like mint, Siberia provides other products that are unusually mixed to bring out the perfect flavour for different users. Regardless of the type of user you are, ​SnusDirect​ offers quite a variety of smokeless products at an affordable price. Here, you will not only find the best snus for you but also a perfect blend.