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SnapShot GmbH Establishes Tech Development Center in Brno Czech Republic

SnapShot GmbH Establishes Tech Development Center in Brno Czech Republic

Last week SnapShot GmbH announced raising €25 million euro in series B funding from Shiji Networks in order to develop an expansive product line of new hotel analytics tools. This week the Austrian hospitality IT company has issued a call for added technology expertise to staff its Brno, Czech Republic labs.

Having created the industry’s first Hotel Demand Management platform (code name: “the grid”), SnapShot’s next phase of expansion is about the toolset, but also about geo-location and the talent pool. The company has chosen Brno as its technical headquarters, due to this city’s proximity to SnapShot teams in Berlin, the Austrian home offices, and the offices in Gliwice, Poland. The talent pool Brno offers is extremely competitive and unique. SnapShot’s special talent needs require certain specialties that the nearby technical universities, and the global industries there especially suit. Brno also has a Microsoft development center, which is located a short drive away from Vienna’s tech cousins.

SnapShot VP Technology, Stephen Burke, had this to say about the new hub:

““By setting up our developmental hub here in Brno, SnapShot satisfies the superb geolocation and talent requirements for our future business. The move also affords us great access and interconnectivity for serving our European customers west and east.”“

SnapShot will employ as many as 40 new developers to help augment the company’s current team, and to build out the next generation of hotel analytics and data software. The new tools will build on the developers’ already impressive analytics engines.

SnapShot received seed investment from STR, STR Global and Shiji Networks to build the hospitality industry”“s first Hotel Demand Management application. Founded by Michael Heinze and David Turnbull, the company’s board also includes members of STR Global, citizenM and Shiji Networks.