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Should You Stay in a Backpacker’s Inn or a Hotel?

Should You Stay in a Backpacker’s Inn or a Hotel?

Backpacker’s inn or hotel: which one would fit your budget and needs better?

Traveling abroad, which may be the most enjoyable experience a person could have, can be too expensive. One of your major costs is booking accommodations. Oftentimes, accommodations boil down to two categories: hostels or backpacker’s inns and hotels.

Advantages of Staying in a Hostel
1. Affordable. Though hostel rates vary from country to country, they will always come out cheaper compared to hotel rates. The difference may not be large though if you have avail hotel deals.

2. Group travel. Staying in hostels allow you to share a large room with friends. In fact, a few hostels can lodge up to twenty people. This can be a great way to bond when traveling in groups.

3. Found in major cities. Hostels aren’t common in the US, but can be found all over in Europe. You can find most hostels around the major cities of every continent, except Antarctica.

4. Fully-equipped kitchens. Most hostels around the world are fully furnished with kitchen appliances. This will allow you to save even further on your travels.

5. Breakfast served. Majority of hostels serve free breakfast. Not all serve the filling kind though since most European hotels only serve free bread.

6. Unique visits. Each hostel you encounter will always be unique from one another. Unlike hotels where you can easily generalize them, hostels always have a one of a kind experience with every stay.

7. Supporting locals. Every time you stay in hostels, you are probably helping the local population. Hostels also give you the opportunity to interact more with the locals since it is much more open compared to hotels.

Advantages of staying at Hotels
1. Privacy. Staying in a hotel will give you your own private room. This can be much more comfortable since some roommates may not care about other people’s privacy. Also, there will be no chatty people forcing you to have a conversation.

2. Personal bathrooms. Hotel bathrooms are always private, unlike hostel ones. Having a personal bathroom can be convenient because you do not have to line up for it.

3. Available staff. Hotel staff is available 24 hours a day. This means you can call for service anytime you want. This can be advantageous at times you forget your key. They can fetch you a new one even for the latest hours of the night.

4. No curfew. Staying in hotels can be preferable for those who enjoy a good night out. Most hostels have a curfew, and it can be unfortunate to be locked out.

5. Protection from theft. Since you will be staying in a private room, you won’t have to worry about your stuff being stolen. In fact, some hostels don’t have any locker to put your valuable which could be a problem. In contrast, hotel rooms are always locked for the safety of your belongings.

6. Aesthetic appeal. Most hotels care about their furniture and decoration. This is one of the reasons why hotels can be much more expensive than hostels.

For the traveler who prefers to spend less and meet new people, hostels or backpacker’s inns may be the best choice. However, if you wish to experience a more private stay and don’t mind spending extra, you will find hotels a better option.