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Sculpting Your Body with Liposuction in Bangkok

Sculpting Your Body with Liposuction in Bangkok

If you thought that lipo was just for the tummy, butt and thighs then think again. If there’s fat there, lipo can be carried out practically anywhere on the body, and you’ll find top-quality surgeons in the Thai capital to do it. So, if you’re thinking of heading to Bangkok for liposuction, review the body areas you can streamline with lipo and look forward to a svelte, toned you.

• Abdomen
The area where most liposuction treatments are carried out. Spare tyres are not only unsightly, but the type of fat that tends to accumulate here is the worst kind in terms of health. The fat that accumulates here tends to be visceral fat, which leads to insulin resistance and a whole heap of other problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

• Arms
“Bingo wings”, “Bat wings” or “Tuckshop lady arms”—there are plenty of derogatory references out there for flabby upper arms, and it is a challenge to get rid of. Thankfully, liposuction could do the trick.

• Back
Losing back fat is difficult with a diet and exercise regime, as anyone that has ever tried will attest to. The accumulation of it may be down to age and/or genetics and it tends to be distributed in pockets, which is why liposuction is good for getting rid of it.

• Chin
Double chins may be caused by extra weight, but also just because of the aging process. As the collagen beneath our skin begins to break up, this inevitably leads to sagging as the forces of gravity pull loose skin downwards. There are no muscles under the mandibular, and so any fat that has accumulated there can only be removed with liposuction.

• Flanks
These fatty deposits are responsible for the love handles and muffin tops bulging out of low-rise jeans. They may be part of a wider issue of belly fat, but they can be effectively spot-reduced with liposuction.

• Gynaecomastia
Gynaecomastia is the medical name for man boobs, or “moobs”. Sometimes it is caused by genetic diseases or hormone imbalances, leading to an excessive growth of breast tissue, which liposuction cannot help. However, these conditions should not be confused with the excess fat in the breasts of men who are overweight, where liposuction may be of benefit.

• Knees Liposuction
Another area that is susceptible to fatty deposits as we age is around the knees. Again, diet and exercise don’t have much effect, but liposuction can get rid of these irritating fat deposits—and the procedure is becoming increasingly more popular for this area.

• Thighs
Fat deposits on the inside and outside of the thighs are notoriously difficult to shift with diet and exercise—but liposuction can do the job.

Liposuction is now the most popular plastic surgery procedure across the planet for men and women, while Bangkok still remains one of the world’s favourite medical tourism destinations. Liposuction in Bangkok is also considerably less expensive than it is a home for many westerners—costing only around a third of the price. Plus, with the new surgical and non-surgical techniques available now, the downtime is considerably less too—giving medical tourists time to enjoy all the sights of the city after their treatment.