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Rydoo, business travel and expense app unveils new full camera scanning experience

Rydoo, business travel and expense app unveils new full camera scanning experience

Rydoo, the first travel and expenses platform to help employees and finance teams save time and simplify stressful finance processes, today announced the evolution of its expense management solution with the first ever full receipt scanning experience. The feature includes scan, multi pages scan and delegation of expense receipts is the first app to provide a full digital experience to organisations’ expense management processes.

Rydoo launched in 2018 to help employees claim back time with their user-friendly app designed to eliminate frustrating business travel and expense processes. From logging receipts to booking flights and accommodation with just a few clicks, Rydoo is the first platform of its kind to over travel bookings and expenses using just one system, giving you more time to focus on doing the things that really matter.

The SaaS platform helps workforces unlock their full potential, rather than wasting time with outdated travel and expenses procedures. Teams no longer have to spend hours searching for flights and hotels or waste time filling out expense reports in time-sapping Excel spreadsheets. Every year, Rydoo saves organisations 805,000 hours by streamlining expense and travel processes, cutting the average 20 minutes required to manage an expense report in a company, by 75% to just five minutes.

When it comes to reimbursing expenses, employees currently have to collect, sort and provide documentation for all related receipts, however thanks to Rydoo’s new camera feature the process is sped up, including:
Single Scan - A snap and check process for individual expenses
Quick Scan - Allows users to quickly scan a stack of receipts to create a multiple expense claim
Multipage Scanning - For multiple pages invoices such as hotel bills, you can scan several pages at once to create a single claim, eliminating the need to scan the invoice page by page
Linked Account - Executive and admin assistants can now easily scan expenses on behalf of others without having to login to multiple accounts. They can simply switch between users from the camera view

Rydoo is the first app to provide a full camera scanning experience delivering a fast, frictionless experience for all users. Koen Christiaens, Chief Product Officer at Rydoo, comments: “Inspired by our customers’ feedback, we have built a scanning experience to support all types of workflows, for mid-size and large companies. This improvement is aligned with our ambition to offer the smoothest and most efficient user experience to all our customers, supporting the digitization of their expense management.”

Rydoo is the first platform to cover the full scope of any trip or any expense, helping to create a more fulfilling and productive work environment for over 8,200 clients in 63 countries. Rydoo has a competitive business model, starting at €6 per month/active user and with an average adoption rate of 93% within the first month, Rydoo proves just how user-friendly it is for employees and efficient for companies.

Rydoo CEO, Sébastien Marchon, said: “Rydoo removes long, complicated, tedious processes for employees whilst boosting productivity for finance teams by 87%. By making Rydoo one of the leading players in the travel and expense market, we aim to improve the quality of life and performance of the organisations it serves.”

Sodexo Mobility & Expense President Didier Dumont, adds: “Keeping people efficient whilst on the move is essential for business success. Rydoo brings the Travel and Expense ecosystem together to increase productivity and real-time visibility for hassle-free performance. To deliver this to the market in an agile way, we define ourselves as a corp-up that combines the strength of a corporate company and the agility and innovative mindset of a start-up”.