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Royal Holiday Vacation Club Assures Traveler Safety During Spring

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Assures Traveler Safety During Spring

Spring is near, and many people are thinking about the safest destinations to spend their vacations. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many holiday destinations have closed business, and you can’t be sure about the open ones’ safety. In addition, it is imperative to consider the establishment you will be spending your holiday. The Royal Vacation Club is one of the safest vacation clubs that provide top range services as well as ensuring their guests are safe at all times, whether it is during the stay or travels.

Safety Program
The travel club has provided its clients with quality commitment towards taking good care of them as well as their loved ones. To prioritize this, they have come up with a unique program called the safe guest program. When a person checks at the hotel, the individual will be directed towards sanitation stations with antibacterial products at their disposal. In addition, people are directed to observe a social distancing of six feet as per the requirements observing the COVID-19 protocols.

Any individual who checks at a Royal Holiday Vacation Club hotel gets an opportunity to enjoy the sanitary rooms provided. The rooms are clean and are above the standards required for a hygienic room. Cleaning products used for the rooms are provided by Ecolab, which is a highly-renowned brand. For every cloth, chairs, and table that are used, they are cleaned immediately with these products making sure they are clean for use by another customer. As for the pool sections and beaches, the same social distancing protocols are observed.

During mealtime, tables are placed distantly with digital menus that are disinfected immediately after use. The same happens in entertainment spots where there is plenty of fun and exciting activities for all ages. The establishment measures temperature for children, and the service is free. The safety protocols also apply to the staff and any individual who comes to the premises.

Coronavirus Protocols
The COVID-19 pandemic caused a shockwave across the globe, restricting many countries of travel to help curb the spread. Nonetheless, many holiday destinations have opened up traveling as long as visitors observe the protocols for the pandemic. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club also has set protocols to ensure their guests are protected from the pandemic.

The hotels set up complimentary COVID-19 antigen tests for two individuals for each room. This complimentary test is for guests who have booked to stay for four or more nights. For people who test positive, there are designated rooms set aside as quarantine rooms. Additionally, the establishment has made alliances with certain hospitals to provide guest tests at low prices.

Safe Destinations to Travel in Spring 2021
The club has set aside some destinations for their clients to visit this spring. These locations provide customers with unique experiences and, most importantly, safety. These destinations are all over the world. They include Mexico, the USA, Central and South America, Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. In Mexico, guests can choose Central Mexico, The Mexican Pacific Coast, or the Mexican Caribbean. Guests choosing to go to the United States can select going to the Southeastern States, Northeastern States, The Rocky Mountains, or The West Coast.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club travelers to Asia can go to Israel or Turkey. Africa also has two destinations in Morocco and Egypt. Europe has a great selection of places to visit like Spain, Germany, France, the UK, Austria, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Belgium. In the Caribbean, people can choose to go to Aruba, the Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico. Guests wishing to visit South and Central America have the option of visiting Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Uruguay. Quebec is the destination to go to in Canada.