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Priceline on Agoda - extracts from Q3 earnings call

Priceline on Agoda - extracts from Q3 earnings call

As always Seeking Alpha have posted a very useful transcript of the Priceline (PCLN) Earnings (Q3).  With no other source of information the performance of Priceline’s Asian based I will keep on with my program of extracting and sharing with you Agoda information shared in the earnings call

PCLN CEO Jeffrey Boyd on Agoda results

  “Agoda also reported improved growth in excess of 100%, which contributed to the sequential improvement in worldwide merchant gross bookings growth from 22% to 33%. Agoda’s growth rates reflect weakness in the prior period due to economic conditions and civil unrest in Thailand, and there are also signs of economic improvement in Asian markets.”

PCLN CEO Jeffrey Boyd on hotel numbers- asked ” I think you only added 2,000 hotels in the quarter. Any reason that might have slowed down a bit?. “

  “...we don’t look at the absolute hotel count as defining the market. Our counts on a year-over-year basis are still up significantly. And it is still an important part of what we’re doing not just internationally but here in the United States to add hotels to all of our programs, and potentially more important to make sure that we’ve got the right rates and availability from the hotels that do participate with Priceline and and Agoda. That can be as meaningful to the output of the business as adding new hotels.”


PCLN CEO Jeffrey Boyd on competitors- asked “anything new on the competitive front that you’re seeing in Europe or Asia? “

  “From a competitive perspective, I think that you have heard in the conference calls of the two competitors that are publicly traded that they’re very focused on the international hotel opportunity, that Expedia is making an agency product available to hotels, and Orbitz is really trying to reorient its organization to focus primarily on hotel bookings. So it continues to be very competitive out there. And we work very hard to keep track of what’s going on with the competition, but we also try very hard to make sure that we’re doing what we think is right for our business and not necessarily trying to map what they’re doing.”

  “And if you look at the great results that we’re seeing in Asia from Agoda and from in its new markets, what you’re seeing is that every time we enter into a new market we are doing it from a stronger position than we did in the last new market. And so it just gets us very excited about Asia and the Pacific and what we’re doing in the Middle East and South America and in North America for and the international traveler. “