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Planet Hollywood Hotel Mirrors JetBlue’s All You Can Jet Pass

Planet Hollywood Hotel Mirrors JetBlue’s All You Can Jet Pass

Over the weekend, we noticed an interesting promotion from the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas that reminds us of JetBlue’s wildly successful (at least on the PR side) All You Can Jet Pass.

The Planet Hollywood “Phanatic Pass” offers consumers any ten nights between now and March 15th for $599 - in other words, just 59 bucks a night. Whats more, it is even valid during some of the biggest weekends in Vegas such as New Years Eve and Super Bowl Weekend. A quick check of the non-promotional rates shows the Planet Hollywood selling regular rooms for $310 on New Years Eve so the savings are huge if you are (or want to become) a regular in Vegas. What is more, the PH is waiving the resort fee that normally applies (don’t get us started on resort fees - they are worthy of another diatribe.)

Obviously, Planet Hollywood is hoping for some breakage on this one, but we like the creativity they are using to generate buzz and interest. And if the goal is to keep customers coming back to the hotel and get them gambling, eating, drinking and hitting the shows etc, this is a pretty cool way of generating repeat business. We bet (as we’ve seen with hotel loyalty program redemption) that people staying on this deal will have a higher incremental spend than average. The logic goes that people who think they scored a great deal (or used points) on the room will be more inclined to spend on F&B etc.

More details on the PH deal here