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Plane Etiquette Revealed

Being stuck in the cramped environs of a Boeing 747 is enough to make anyone a little irritable. So when you add noisy passengers, teething children and seat kickers into the mix, it’s enough to make you lose it entirely. Below we outline some simple rules to make air travel a more pleasant experience for all.

Save the drinking for the holiday

Holidays are a time to let loose and have fun, but does the party need to start on the plane? Or in the airport bar for that matter? In a survey by, it was found that the most annoying thing to deal with on a long flight is drunk and rowdy passengers. We don’t want to be party poopers here, have a drink or two if you like (it can help to ease those travel nerves after all). But please, try to stop before becoming too loud and obnoxious.

Be considerate of other people’s space

A bone of contention that rates high on the annoyance list for travelers is dealing with seat kickers. Be kind to the passenger in front and take care when adjusting your entertainment system and tray table. The same goes for your seat. Keep it upright until you are allowed to recline and when you do so, do it slowly. The person behind you may have drinks on their table that could spill if you recline too fast. As well as this, try not to impinge on your neighbour’s personal space too much. There’s no need to have a battle over the armrest.

Respect you neighbour’s privacy

While it’s important not to invade a fellow passenger’s space, it’s equally important not to invade their privacy. You may like to make friends wherever you go, but that doesn’t mean that the stranger sitting next to you does. Sure, some people enjoy chatting when they travel, but many utilise the time to read, catch up on work or to simply watch an in-flight movie. The same goes for reading a magazine over someone’s shoulder. It’s invasive and annoying, so if you’re prone to getting bored on a flight, take a book and keep yourself entertained!

Don’t allow your children to run wild

Restless children and crying babies can be extremely annoying on a flight, so much so that in its research, LateDeals found that passengers would pay an extra £63 per return ticket, for an adult-only flight. We understand that kids will be kids, but if you’re flying with a young brood, keep an eye on them and ensure that they are kept under control. Long haul flights can be boring for children so plan ahead and take along some games, activities or colouring books to help keep them entertained.

Be conscious of personal hygiene

Sitting next to someone with bad personal hygiene on any form of public transport is rough enough, but in a cramped and airless cabin? It is nothing short of a form of torture. Try to be considerate of your fellow passengers when flying and don’t board a flight stinking of booze, cigarettes or body odour. And unless extremely necessary, resist the urge to take off your shoes mid flight.

Flying can be difficult enough without having to deal with inconsiderate passengers. If you’re a perpetrator of any of the sins above, it’s worth remembering that bad behavior can lead to being kicked off the plane. So heed our advice and be kind to your fellow passengers. Happy travelling!