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Pattaya Marathon Dates Announced

Pattaya Marathon Dates Announced

The Pattaya Marathon, which is one of the biggest and most popular events in Pattaya each year, is also referred to as the Bangkok Bank Marathon. This yearly event is a half-marathon and large-scale marathon running event, and it easily attracts the best athletes from all over the planet who wish to participate. In fact, this marathon is such a big opportunity for athletes that the Pattaya Marathon has quickly become of the most highly regarded and celebrated sports related festivals in all of Pattaya. Continue reading to learn more about what you can expect at this year’s event, as well as when it will be held.

When the Pattaya Marathon Will Be Held
This year, the Pattaya Marathon will take place on July 17. Representatives of Sport Master Co., Ltd. have stated that there will be roughly 15,000 people participating, with about 6,200 women and 8,700 men. Thousands of runners will participate in each of the five categories that the event will be divided into. There will also be VIP runners, and it’s expected that the event will help Pattaya generate more than 32 million baht.

What You Can Expect at the Pattaya Marathon
The weekend-long Pattaya Marathon will include a host of activities that everyone can enjoy. For example, there will be a few racing competitions, including a micro marathon that’s 3.5 km long, a half-marathon, which is 21.2 km long, and quarter marathon that will be 10.5 km long. And, of course, there’s also the full-length marathon, which is 42.2 km and requires the most strength and endurance from its runners.

Who Can Participate in the Pattaya Marathon
Individuals and athletes of all levels from all over the world are more than welcome to join in on the fun at this fantastic and unforgettable event. People gather in Pattaya City and enter these challenges with a fun and positive attitude, so it’s definitely something that you can do to challenge yourself in a whole new way and in a whole new place.

Book Your Trip in Advance
Whether you’re planning on heading to the Pattaya Marathon as a runner or as a spectator, you should make it a point to book your trip as early as possible. This event attracts thousands of people, so accommodations will quickly get booked up. If you can manage to get your rental far enough in advance, you have the best chances of getting a fantastic place to stay.  This condo for rent Pattaya is an especially good choice.

Where to Find the Event
The Pattaya Marathon is set to take place in front of Central Festival Pattaya Beach. Once you’re there, you won’t be able to miss it because it will be very busy with people excited to take part in the event.

As one of the most popular annual events in Thailand, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the Pattaya Marathon, which is sure to be an entertaining and extraordinary experience.