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PartnerPlusBenefit: the new name for Star Alliance Company Plus

PartnerPlusBenefit: the new name for Star Alliance Company Plus

The Star Alliance Company Plus bonus programme has now been transferred to PartnerPlusBenefit, a unifying move that will enable the company to offer even more value to its clients.

As part of the largest worldwide bonus system that has proven itself globally year on year, clients can be confident that the transfer to PartnerPlusBenefit is a beneficial one for their business. Besides the new name and image, the Company announced that PlusPoints would be available for all booking classes on all carriers, from economy through to first class. This exciting revelation means businesses can earn significantly more PlusPoints than ever before to exchange for valuable rewards. PartnerPlusBenefit is also offering double BenefitPoints on Business or Premium Economy Class Air Canada flights that depart from the UK or Ireland between February and July 2014 – clients just need to register for the offer through their account.

PartnerPlusBenefit’s exclusive range of rewards include transfers in and around London provided by VIP chauffeur company CTS, award flights and upgrades, eGiftcards redeemable at 70,000+ hotels across the world, cashback or contributions to ClimateCare’s projects which help the environment and better peoples’ lives. Another popular option is to redeem points against training: through Core Business Solutions, members can enjoy business consulting workshops geared towards SMEs covering topics such as use of social media for marketing, business networking skills and business fundamentals.

Announcing the move over to PartnerPlusBenefit early in January this year, the Company reassured clients that any points they had accumulated under the Star Alliance Company Plus scheme would remain available to them, having been transferred to their new BenefitPoints account.

Whether operating a large enterprise or a small start-up, any business that may need to buy an airline ticket in the UK or Ireland at some point should consider joining a travel incentive scheme. Of all the countries across Western Europe, the UK spends the second largest amount on business travel and reports predict that over the next few years we are likely to see continued growth in the business travel market. Research by the Economist Intelligence Unit and AEGC Payments has identified that companies are prioritising business travel in order to build their customer base. The same research also shows a trend towards placing strategic emphasis on corporate travel programmes, in order to keep down costs and maximise the return on investment. Signing up to a travel incentive scheme is a good way to achieve this, enabling all sizes of business to enjoy perks and benefits that would ordinarily be reserved for corporate giants. The vast leverage and negotiating power that is achieved through partnering with a network of airlines allows businesses large and small to benefit from cost savings and rewards that might otherwise be off limits for all but large corporations.

For those that have not already part of PartnerPlusBenefit, there are no membership fees and it is worth noting that businesses stand to make significant savings, whether their personnel fly daily or only occasionally. Those that already participate in frequent flyer schemes can be assured that the scheme is complementary rather than a replacement, and they stand to benefit from all flights made to the 500+ destinations using one of the ten top airline companies. New registrations enjoy a welcome bonus of up to 1,500 PlusPoints points, equivalent to a business class upgrade, and all members will see regular opportunities to gain extra PlusPoints over the year.