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New Zealand: Renting a Campervan

New Zealand: Renting a Campervan

New Zealand is a country looked forward to by children, teens, college students and parents each year. One wonderful idea, for a vacation, is taking a campervan trip and travelling the North and South Island of the country. This is both family-friendly and fun for everyone. People of all ages get excited about new adventures, and a campervan can be a major help to easing your planning. Don’t worry if you don’t already own a campervan; there are many places to rent them all throughout New Zealand. However, before you go to your local campervan rental supplier, you should come up with some specifications that you need for your trip.


Towable Campervans
These are towable by a family car, truck, or van, and can be left at your campsite or other destination if you need to take your vehicle elsewhere while on the trip. Here are some of the models of towable campervans on the market:

Folding Camping Trailers - These fold down for a lightweight tow, allow for fresh air, and sleep up to eight.

Truck Campers - These mount onto the pickup bed of a truck and sleep up to six.

Conventional Travel Trailers - These are available in many sizes and sleep up to ten.

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers - These are towed by pickup trucks, have two-level floor plans, and sleep up to six.

Travel Trailers with Expandable Ends - These are lightweight for towing, have ends that can pull out further for extra sleeping space, and sleep up to eight.

Sport Utility campervans - These are available as either towable or motorized, have built-in storage space for sports equipment or vehicles, and sleep up to eight.

Motorized Campervans
These campervans have living quarters built into a vehicle, but some of the models are still towable.

Type A Motorhomes - These usually have the most room of all types of campervans and also the most amenities. They typically sleep up to six. You may need a Class A license to drive these.

Type B Motorhomes or Van Campers - These drive similar to a typical van and sleep up to four.

Type C Motorhomes - These usually have more amenities than Type B Motorhomes, often including sleeping space above the cab, and these sleep up to eight.

Trip Ideas
There are many different vacation opportunities that are convenient with campervan travel. Using a campervan instead of a car minimizes the need for a hotel, so you can save some money for your travels and activities. Here are some ideas for your NZ campervan vacation:
- Go camping You can enjoy the beautiful spring delights, but still have the amenities of home with you.
- Go on a road trip. Take a trip to a place you’ve never visited like a city or a national park, and enjoy the scenic route and various stops along the way.
- Go to the beach. This is a popular Summer trip, and it can be made even cheaper without hotel fees.
- Go on an outdoors adventure, whether it be hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, or boating.
With a little bit of planning, renting a campervan can put a new spin on your annual holiday trip or make a memorable first time holiday in a recreational vehicle!