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Mohamed Al Rais presents Al Rais Travel

Mohamed Al Rais presents Al Rais Travel

Since its foundation in 1977, Al Rais Travel & Shipping has grown to become one of the largest independent travel agencies in the United Arab Emirates.

Here Breaking Travel News sits down with deputy managing director Mohamed Al Rais to discuss what the future holds for the company.

Pictured: Al Rais Travel deputy managing director Mohamed Al Rais

Breaking Travel News: What is the Al Rais mission?

Mohammed Al Rais: The mission of Al Rais Travel Management Company is not only to continue being the leading travel, tourism and cargo company of choice in the UAE market, but also to expand its horizons in the region providing premier service options and innovative solutions to all customers.

BTN: How would you describe the Al Rais service?

Al Rais: Our aim is to ensure we have qualified and trained professional consultants, allowing us to expand our market strength through superior service levels.

We hope to develop business opportunities through unique travel services that meet all business and leisure travel needs, while also maintaining flexibility to adapt to local, national and international market trends.

It is also a priority to ensure out operations continuously comply with applicable industry principles and standards.

BTN: Which are your key markets?

Al Rais: We are strong in all markets, but we are one of the leaders in the region for the Asian and Australia Market

BTN: How has your business changed since you launched in 1977?

Al Rais: Al Rais Travel & Shipping Agencies is one of the largest independent travel agencies in the UAE, and has grown since its commencement of operations in 1977 into a large travel and shipping agencies group.

At present we offer a diverse range of outstanding travel, toursim, and cargo services on everything from a simple flights booking, holidays packages and logistics related requirements to every corner of the globe.

We are the general sales agent for 19 international airlines - including Malaysia Airlines, Oman Air, Kenya Airways, Continental Airlines to name a few - and have 27 strategically located offices throughout the country.

BTN: And what are the biggest changes you have noticed within your market?

Al Rais: The technology is the biggest change, as everything is getting online and people don’t differentiate between service and no service.

BTN: Which aspects of Al Rais are you most proud of?

Al Rais: Our customer service.

BTN: You won the award for ‘Dubai’s Leading Travel Agency’ at the World Travel Awards. Why do you think you won in such a tough category?

Al Rais: I think our customers believe in us and have faith that they get the best service as a travel company up to their expectations and deliver what they want at the end.

BTN: How would you like the agency to evolve?

Al Rais: To be the most preferred travel company in UAE.

BTN: Which areas offer the biggest potential for growth?

Al Rais: I see growth in corporate travel, both in terms of out-bound and in-bound holidays and MICE.

BTN: How has the downturn changed how Al Rais operates as a business, and what are your strategies to deal with it?

Al Rais: We are very happy and very proud to say we are one company who has not been affected that much and during last two years we have started hiring new qualified staff and expand our operation in UAE which will help us in the future.

We always believe in our team members as our strength and also believe in UAE economy to grow up day by day.

BTN: What key attributes do you look for in potential staff?

Al Rais: Be very present, with a very positive mind set, willing to help others and it has to be a good team player and never say I and it has to be a We team.

BTN: How would you describe your management style?

Al Rais: I can say we have one of the best management team.

We treat all our staff members as our own assets and we always say we are one family.

All of us are very proud to be a member of the company and our senior management member’s doors are always open to any of our team members at any time.

This style of very unique, friendly working atmosphere has helped us to grow as a travel company day by day.