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Restaurant Memòries Cancun: Wins Best Restaurant in Mexico at the 2023 World Culinary Awards

Restaurant Memòries Cancun: Wins Best Restaurant in Mexico at the 2023 World Culinary Awards

A Glimpse into Restaurant Memòries

The restaurant’s unique approach to blending the rich flavors and traditions of Catalonia and Mexico has captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts and critics alike. In recognition of its exceptional offerings, Memòries Restaurant has been awarded by World Culinary Award.
This esteemed award acknowledges Memòries as innovative proposal in the world of fusion cuisine, as it successfully combines the best of two culinary worlds that have been little explored, producing exceptional, unforgettable dining experiences. The World Culinary Awards has consistently celebrated exquisiteness and creativity in the world of gastronomy, and Memories Restaurant’s unique approach stood out as a beacon of excellence.
The Culinary Mastermind

Memòries Restaurant, under the visionary leadership of Executive Chef John de Sola, has been wowing diners with a carefully crafted menu that interprets the most traditional recipes of Catalonia incorporating techniques and ingredients very representative of Mexico. Dishes such as the “Escalivada”, which incorporates endemic ingredients from Yucatan such as Melipona honey and also owes its name to the Catalan technique that finds its homology in Mexico known as “tatemada”, which consists of obtaining a more intense flavor from the vegetables that are cooked over the coals, showcase the restaurant’s dedication to preserving the authenticity of both cuisines while exploring new dimensions of flavor.
Memòries Restaurant has also been praised for its commitment to using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients and its dedication to sustainable practices. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the plate and into its warm, welcoming atmosphere, where patrons can savor the culinary journey in a comfortable and stylish setting.


Notable Dishes
Artichokes: Traditionally in Catalonia, artichokes are served sautéed with pine nuts and Iberian ham, in this case we steam them vacuum packed accompanied by a green pipian, the pumpkin seeds are replaced by pine nuts combined with a creamy celeriac, diced Iberian ham and an emulsion of pink pine nuts, truffle oil and seasonal truffle.
Cannelloni: Classic dish of the Christmas season, stuffed with roast chicken and foie gras, topped with a cream of foie gras, chicken and cream, crispy chicken skin.
Mar i montaña: Porkbelly cooked at low temperature, Denia shrimp, salted almond praline, parsley gel, roasted garlic and lachoron and chipotle foam.

The World Culinary Awards
The World Culinary Awards, a prestigious institution that recognizes the culinary excellence of restaurants worldwide, annually celebrates the finest establishments, chefs, and culinary experiences. Winning the title of Best Restaurant in Mexico at this esteemed event is a testament to Restaurant Memòries unwavering commitment to providing world-class dining experiences.
The World Culinary Awards is the latest in a series of accolades garnered by Memòries Restaurant, cementing its position of excellence in the culinary world. Guests can expect an exceptional dining experience, filled with delicious food and unforgettable memories.
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