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LogNet Travel helps travel agencies go mobile with new version of WebGuru

LogNet Travel helps travel agencies go mobile with new version of WebGuru

LogNet Travel, a provider of web development platforms for travel agencies all over the world, has announced the launch of a new version of its online travel solution, WebGuru. The latest version of WebGuru comes with several improvements, including an improved booking engine and framework that travel agencies can use to let their customers to dynamically create customized travel packages, including flights, hotels, car rentals, local content, fulfillment items, third party services and more.

For travel agencies, growing their businesses online and by expanding their product and service offerings or their capacity to cater for a larger number of customers becomes easier with WebGuru. In addition to featuring a new booking engine, an important addition in the solution is the responsive web technology. Together, these two features enable travel agencies to create and maintain websites with full functionality over multiple device types, including mobile devices.

Up until very recently, the user experience on mobile devices was generally limited to just performing searches for travel information. Mobile devices were generally used only to gather information about flight and hotel options, while the final booking and purchasing of travel services was completed from a PC.

Today, as customers expect to do everything using their mobile device, WebGuru offers travel agencies the ability to transform the user experience on mobile devices and allow customers to complete the full process from searches and comparisons through packaging and booking onto final payment, all over their smartphones and tablets.

“WebGuru gives local travel agencies the opportunity to not just take their businesses online, but also extend their sales reach to mobile devices,” states Yaron Sar-Shalom, CEO at LogNet Travel. “As an extension of this, WebGuru and the mobile sales capabilities that it enables can help a local travel agency win back market share that may have been lost to customers that switched to larger online travel agencies (OTAs).”

Mobile devices offer a new channel for revenue generation for local travel agencies and also help them innovate to stay current and continue to retain and attract customers. Creating a seamless experience for the customer, independent of the device used to access a website, is essential. In a competitive market like the travel industry, travel agencies need to constantly focus on improving their offerings, to fight away competition not just from larger, more established players but also other smaller, regional travel agencies that threaten to take away their customers.

“Going mobile is no longer an option, but an essential way to boost revenues for any business,” continues Sar-Shalom. “eCommerce is giving way to mCommerce and customers want to be able to have the option to buy products and services even when on the go, no matter what device they use to stay online. This is especially true in the travel space.”

The convenience of doing business over the mobile platform gives customers the chance to stay engaged with travel agencies even when on the move. Offering high quality experience over smartphones and tablets will boost sales for travel agencies and keep their business relevant even to the trendiest and most tech-savvy and demanding customers.