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JetBlue: $31 Fares on the 31st - Everywhere!

JetBlue: $31 Fares on the 31st - Everywhere!

JetBlue is really starting to get creative in using unique pricing to generate consumer buzz - the latest is $31 seats on Halloween.

Using seats that would otherwise probably go empty to generate media excitement is a very smart strategy. It differs from Ryanair and others who often price at 1 Euro - consumers in Europe have grown accustomed to those"teaser” fares that actually end up being much higher after all sorts of fees and taxes are lumped on.

Rather, JetBlue is making the story the pricing with very targeted sales around specific holidays or ideas. We saw $9 fares on 09/09/09 and who can forget the media blitz that ensued after the All-You-Jet Pass.

Now JetBlue is offering seats on Halloween evening for just 31 bucks. Again, Saturday nights are generally pretty light in terms of traffic and that is probably even more acute this Saturday night as it is Halloween. So, rather than flying around a bunch of empty planes, JetBlue is going for another media sensation. $31 flights from JFK to the West Coast? Even if it is Saturday night, that is a an amazing fare - and here we are writing about it. Case closed. Nice move, JetBlue.