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It is the End of Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement in the US

It is the End of Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement in the US

The pandemic was a difficult moment in human history. When historians look back at this period, they will be able to analyse the situation coldly and come to their own conclusions on how the situation was handle, whether good or bad. Still, it meant that a lot of people who were not vaccinated, for one reason or another, could not enter into various countries. In America, this shall not be the case anymore, starting on May 11th. Here is more on the subject.

Will it increase the Number of Tourists in the United States?
If you look at last year’s numbers, you will see that tourism has faired quite well across the world. In truth, when restrictions were applied to enter into a country, those who really wanted to visit it simply got vaccinated, most of the time. The remaining group of people who were inclined to visit the US, but postponed because of their regulations which denied them entry into their territory, may not be easily convinced now that this is over. It is obvious that such decisions have left marks on many, and made them change their mind, as they planned to head to other destinations.

Still, we can assume that it will help grow the number of travellers in the US, for the rest of the year. When we study the tourism situation closely, we see that visitors are not only people who travel for leisure. Many professionals who could not get into the US, because of their unvaccinated status, will certainly fly there the next time that their business requires them to go there, either for a convention or to build partnership. They probably will enjoy their stay a little longer by visiting some touristic sites as well. If you plan on heading to cross the Atlantic soon, check out the Petit Futé tips for travelling to the United States of America.

What will change on May 11th?
On May 11th, the COVID-19 vaccine requirement will be lifted for non-US travellers coming in from any arrival sites, including by air, via land ports of entry, or by ferries and boats. This date coincides with the conclusion of the coronavirus public health emergency, which was passed a while ago. But travelers coming in are not the only one who will benefit from the lift. This will also apply to federal employees and contractors who were not allowed to go about their business, if they did not receive their COVID-19 vaccine and/or booster shot.

This news was announced directly by the White House, which confirmed that international travelers coming into the US will no longer need to show proof of vaccination in regards to the coronavirus. This is great news for the travel industry, as the US regulations on COVID-19 were one of the lasts to still be in place, around the world. To a large degree, this comes as a closure sign for all that are involved in the tourism industry. It also now means that the tennis man superstar Novak Djokovic will be allowed to play again on American soil, which has been a strong image in the never-ending COVID-19 battle.