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Introducing the SpaceOne Tellurium, the Ultimate Companion for Discerning Travellers

Introducing the SpaceOne Tellurium, the Ultimate Companion for Discerning Travellers

The SpaceOne Tellurium stands as the epitome of horological engineering, marrying artistry with technical prowess in every detail. Crafted with exacting precision, the intricate complication devised by Theo Auffret and the meticulously designed case and dial by Olivier Gamiette represent the zenith of watchmaking innovation. Engineered at the forefront of technology by the skilled artisans of Auffret Paris Workshop, this timepiece transcends mere utility to become a testament to the art of precision engineering.

At its core lies the Swiss automatic movement, the Soprod P024, a marvel of mechanical ingenuity meticulously assembled in France. Yet, it is the celestial mechanics within the Tellurium that truly showcase its technological sophistication. Auffret’s patented module orchestrates a symphony of astronomical precision, from the nuanced progression of the star wheel tracking months to the intricate choreography of planetary and lunar movements. Each component is meticulously calibrated to ensure not only accuracy but also the seamless integration of form and function.

However, the technical excellence of the Tellurium extends beyond its inner workings to its packaging—a testament to both innovation and practicality. Inspired by the sleek design principles of astronaut gear and the vacuum-sealed precision of space travel equipment, the packaging ensures the safe transit of the timepiece. From its initial unveiling in the aluminum pouch to the presentation in its sophisticated watch roll, every aspect of the SpaceOne Tellurium reflects a commitment to excellence that transcends the boundaries of traditional watchmaking.

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