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How to become and pro-staffer

How to become and pro-staffer

Seeking to be a pro-staff in any organization is an ultimate desire! You might think if John is a pro-staff in that company, why can’t I? Well, every pro-staff has been a long-standing staff of his/her organization!

Most pro staffers in popular outdoor firms have, in one way or the order, been part of that organization’s history! To be pro-staff in the hunting organizations, you must have an in-depth idea of hunting as well as outdoor activities.

The majority of pro staffs don’t earn a living by hunting and shooting only! They have other jobs.

What do we mean by a pro staff?
A pro staff mightn’t be a professional hunter/shooter! But any professional hunter or shooter is on the staff list of pros in an organization.  Professionals get money to support their lives through various means, including participating in hunting or shooting.

Also, companies having professional hunters or shooters as staffs do it for promos of their products. Therefore, pro staff can be for the promotion of products, not themselves!

What’s the role of a pro staff?
Seeking to be a pro staff means promoting a brand, firm, or product.  But many think it’s shooting big buck with a big logo or brand placement on trophy picture. Some want to become a pro staff so that they can shoot an archery contest with shooter attire on!  If that is it, sorry, look for another option!

Your role will be to promote both the product and the pursuit. You must think of boosting hunting or shooting through full participation in the game in all ramifications! If the hunting or shooting firm is not well-backed up, they will collapse. Pros function in actively pushing and safeguarding the future of work in the hunting/shooting firms forever!

Do you have the capability of being a pro staff?
We have said it all, promotion and skills! Do you have these skills? Attending to trade shows, engaging in consumer shows, and retailer events? Can you participate in shooting activities, producing informational as well as a promotional content for use like; blogs, photos, articles, and videos? Can you feature efficiently online or in social media, or work with the archery promo shops, etc.?

Take note that every firm has a way of promotion, but it’s safer to know that becoming a pro staff needs a lot of work.  If you think it is just all about getting free gears and selfish promotion, think again! Also note that you’re in as a sacrificial lamb in spending time, effort, energy, and money! You can’t represent or promote the organization without such sacrifices.

What a pro staff stands to get!
See if you think you can get the free gear or discounted one by being a mere pro member, you’re joking! You’ll work hard to avail a ton. You might not avail of gear or discount at all. 

Now coming to categories of pro staff, we have; field staff, shop shooter, as well as pro staff.  All these groups avail heavily discounted or free gear, with an option to buy more at a discount. Other promo members and even field staff may avail the chance of buying at a discount too. 

The prerequisites of becoming a pro staff
Check if you are meant for this post! Are you qualified to be in promotion positions? Organizations are not after what you shot! They’re looking at the stuff you’re made of! Your genuine passion and pursuit skills in hunting, archery, etc.!

Do you think you can protecting and promote the company?  Can you boost of great accomplishments or operations in the company?  Will you offer a great time for events, working with dealers, as well as performing different tasks?  Can you boost of great communication skills and accountability? Are you a responsible employee who can build good client-relationship with clients or dealers?

Test the company brand and see if you can trust the brand
You have to believe in what the firm or brand can offer. You should use the product to be able to stand firm in your promo activities. You can do well in the post of a pro staff without buying and using that product.  Accepting sponsors that are willing to pay you and selling your birth-right is not a desirable attribute of a pro staff!

How to be a pro staff in a nutshell
To be a pro staff, conduct self-examination first! Ask yourself if you can speak and write good English. Many companies don’t need you to shot for them only. They want someone who has a mastery of languages, educated, a great writer, and a great speaker.

Can you write articles, magazines, and also give seminars on what you’ve learned? Can you take photos, talk to people, and address people through a camera?

You must volunteer to selflessly, and work in outdoor companies. Hunting frequently, being active in social media, TV presentations, or others. You can write reviews on hunting gears, offer yearly publication, photos, radio appearances, or regular updates.

Bottom line
Get high-classed skills for this post before you look for where to apply it. Improve your skills by hunting with the right gears such as a tree stand. Work in local archery shops and state units for conserving youth events. Start getting prepared for taking a pro staff post.  Try to prove your zeal in promoting and pursuing a goal.  Get involved; work hard in promoting hunting and archery in your little way!

Prove that the motive and willingness is there. Be helpful and engage in networking with diverse hunters, pro staff, shooters, and owners of the shop.  Be patient, positive with the right attitude! You’ve to build your talents, skills through constant activities and full participation in contests, TV shows, and tournaments. You won’t relax at that! You should think of being skilled inpublic addresses and marketing!