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Holiday Aftermath – Making Accident Claims

Holiday Aftermath – Making Accident Claims

As we charge into February, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and the UK is set to experience some of the most unpleasant weather in recent memory. Global climate change continues to affect our seasonal temperatures and this winter is all set to be one of the worst yet.

The winter season provides a rich and fertile ground for accidents to strike. This must be the reason that accident claims reach their annual high in the New Year. Most immediately obvious, are the many places and ways in which a person can fall, breaking bones, spraining wrists and injuring frozen extremities. Driving accidents also peak, as inexperienced motorists tackle dangerous ice covered roads, and find themselves getting to know some of the other vehicles on the road a little more intimately than they wished to. It’s a wearing time for our homes as well with them also take a battering from high winds troubling our roofing, and freezing temperatures going to battle against our plumbing.

We are not suggesting that people make spurious claims at this time of year, but rather that the weather means the world is a more dangerous place in many different ways. Accidents are just that much more likely to occur, especially when going on holiday and travelling to new places for the first time, the shift in routine whilst experiencing new things can bring many unique stresses into your life.

A lot of blame could be attributed to an increase in alcohol consumption as people gather in the pub to beat the Winter blues. Raucous celebrations that occur when we decide to have a party can lead to a sharp increase in accidents.  Excessive intoxication consistently means more accidents than at other times of the year.  It means people taking risks and a subsequent increase in personal injury claims and accident compensation.

It is important too, to consider the role of the aftermath of the partying. All too often it represents a giddy, hung-over time of reflection and a feeling of invulnerability – you have, after all, survived so far – what could touch you now? Do not be lulled into complacency. You are out of the holiday woods but the danger has not passed. Just keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.

There is also often an increase in industrial claims, typically with excessive working hours and working conditions that we English subject ourselves to. As well as personal injury claims, the holiday periods always see an increase in faulty product claims, unsurprising when you consider the amount of purchases. There is also a reported increase in excessive noise related cases.

All in all the holiday periods can be a tricky period in the calendar and therefore a time at which to tread with care. The weather and general feeling of this time of year means that many accident claims are made. Try to take care of yourself and particularly your vehicle as driving at this time of year can be especially difficult.