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Guaranteed tips for booking cheap flights

Guaranteed tips for booking cheap flights

The moment the pandemic hit almost every country, the traveling restrictions have been applied, and it is no longer easy to go from one country to another. Of course, this led to huge financial losses, which every company, department, even local shops had to find a solution to adapt to the current situation.

This will answer our main Question here today, How to Find Cheap Flights? Here is a list with quick tips to follow, this is coming from more than 500+ flights.

    It is recommended to use booking applications to search for flights, as they have a wider database and the search filters could be customized easily to match your needs.

      6 or 5 weeks out is your booking schedule to go for the best rates. Remember, there is no best time to book a flight, it is all random.

        Always be flexible with the given offers as they all will take you to your destination.

          Booking a round trip ticket is often more expensive than booking separate legs.

            Using flight points on credit will pay off in the end, although the points will not go this high if your travels are mostly focused on Africa, South America, and Australia, on the other hand, the USA and Europe will give you the highest reverse points.

            If you follow these tips, we guarantee you that you will always manage to find cheaper flights in the future. Moreover, there will be updates for new techniques in the future. Hope you save your money and travel all around the globe safe and sound.

            Budget Airlines Are Your To-Go Option
            Utilize budget airlines. They mostly will not show up on the first pages with your search engine. So you will have to book your ticket using their websites. It is mandatory to use budget airlines if you are looking for a cheap ticket.

            Bear in mind that budget airlines are mostly used in Asia, Europe, Australia and less common in the Americas and Africa.

            Of course, you can always upgrade your traveling ticket to a higher package and still stay at a lower rate with the tips mentioned here. If you ask me whether it is worth it or not? I would love to leave this completely to your preference, this is your money spend it the way you like, as extra comfy features will never hurt anyone, but your pocket.

              Remember to read the fine print on their website to know their restrictions for baggage weight and the number of bags. Also, do not forget to print out your ticket in advance.

                Always check the location of airports, as some budget airlines have hubs far away from major cities.

                Before booking a budget airline, you should take some notes so you wouldn’t be surprised. They often got less legroom, no entertainment screens, no Wi-Fi, no USB chargers, no free food or drink on board.
                It is not all rainbows and unicorns, there are some downsides for Budget airlines as any other airline out there.

                Stop Doing These 3 Obvious Mistakes!
                There are very 3 main mistakes that regular travelers do when they start searching for a ticket, I believe your searching experience will be on a whole’ nother level if you stop doing these mistakes:

                1. Never use the regular search mode, instead always search for your Cheap Flights using incognito mode to avoid cookies. Trust me! The last thing you want is cookies ruining up your searching algorithms.
                2. Never book a short layover, and by this, we mean something lower than 6 hours. I have managed to save more than 800 hundred dollars using this technique.
                3. Avoid weekends at any cost and holidays. The flight prices are at their peak during these periods.

                Advanced Techniques From Personal Experience
                Search for alternate cities & airports to book. This tip works the best for Europe and the United States. Since so many major cities are close in proximity instead of looking at the most convenient airport to fly out of. Always, double-check the other cities and airports nearby.

                Checking the other cities for cheaper flights will do you wonders and it has left us surprised with the amount of money we have saved.
                I was traveling from London to Paris and the cost was around 200$, then we found another ticket that is worth 100$ if we take our flight from Liverpool airport. So, we decided to take this trip to Liverpool and take off to save 100$.

                Note: Failure to do any of the things mentioned above, may cost you hundreds of dollars, and that is the last thing we need for our plan.