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Get Ready For Israel Family Tours in Israel

Get Ready For Israel Family Tours in Israel

It’s summer again, the perfect time of year to go on vacation; Kids are out of school, the sun is shining, and it’s time to have some fun. The only problem is that parents start to have less fun and become more desperate for ways occupy their kids without going bankrupt. So should you pass those school-less months with your sanity intact and wallet not emptied out? Have no fear, your Israel Family Tours planner is here.
Starting with the plane ride that most of us parents dread, try getting your kids to read something they like on the plane. This might keep them from asking “Are we there yet?” every 4 minutes. Another fun activity to keep boredom at bay, is buying some coloring books, markers and stickers. Have these on board with you and you’re sure to have a little quiet time on the plane ride there and back.

Israel is known for its beautiful beaches so you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on a beach day, or two, or three. While a day at the beach is always fun, be sure to pack the essentials as the sun in Israel tends to get strong in the summer. To ensure a safe and worry free experience, take hats, sunscreen and lots of water. You can also rent a sun umbrella for around 3 dollars on most beaches in Israel, giving you extra protection from the sun. Don’t forget to taste Israel’s famous ice cream pops on a stick, sold in ice boxes all along the beaches.

Israel Family Tours in the City
The next must-see on your Israel Family Tour should be the old city of Jerusalem, a historical site you don’t want to miss. Thousands of years old, with history written on every stone, you’re sure to enjoy a walk through the ancient quarters. Take a day to teach your kids about the important and rich history of Israel’s most famous city. They will surely enjoy writing notes and sticking them in the cracks of the ancient Western Wall. If carefully planned, Israel family tours of the city are the best way to get an intimate look at Jerusalem. Or if you are a DIY person, you can print out information online and go site seeing at your leisure.

While challenging your kids by showing them things they’ve never seen before can be fun, you may want to have a day off where you can do something fun and relax all at the same time; A fun idea for an “off” day is to go and have a relaxing picnic in one of Israel’s beautiful parks. Whether they like playing, playing sports, riding bikes or running around on an outdoor Gymboree, it’s all doable at the park. This activity is sure to wear your kids out and is fun and free all at the same time. Raanana and Herzeliya’s parks come highly recommended.

Get Active on Your Vacation to Israel
As your Israel family tour continues, don’t forget to save a day for Tel Aviv. Since Tel Aviv has heavy traffic, a recommended and fun way to get around is on bicycles. You don’t have to have your own, since green bikes are available for rent throughout the city. Since the bike stands are all over, you can begin your bike ride at one end of Tel Aviv and finish it at the other, at your convenience. This will provide great exercise as well as a fun tour. The public bike docking stations can be found throughout the city.
If you want to have a wonderful family vacation this summer while maintaining a reasonable budget, follow our guide and the whole family will be sure to come home feeling happy and fulfilled.