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Gamification boosts OTT’s eLearning engagement by 65%

Gamification boosts OTT’s eLearning engagement by 65%

New OTT website sees 65% increase in agent engagement
* Gamification key to growth

OTT re-launched its website in November 2012 focussing on improving the user experience to encourage greater user engagement.

One of the key new elements was the launch of ‘OTT Achievements’ where members are encouraged to ‘earn’ virtual badges by undertaking particular training activity. Examples include the ‘OTT Newbie’ badge (for passing 1 course), ‘OTT Guru’ (for passing 100 courses) & ‘Eur-reka!”” badge for completing 5 European training courses. This kind of feature is also known as ‘Gamification’.

Five months on, OTT has reviewed the effect of the new features including OTT Achievements and can report that the new website has resulted in an average increase of 65% in user engagement with some clients benefitting from an uplift of over 300%.

The 65% figure has been reached by comparing how many course passes each client received before and after the OTT re-launch (excluding months where proactive eMarketing had taken place) i.e. how many courses did people complete without being promoted to via eMarketing. Detailed results available.

OTT plan to roll out further achievement badges in 2013.
OTT are hosting a special seminar on Gamification in travel at Arabian Travel Market in Dubai in May.

Bruce Martin, Operations Director of OTT said ““We’re really pleased with the results as it shows that good design and innovation can deliver a significant uplift in online activity. OTT were very keen to incorporate Gamification into our agent learning experience via achievement badges to encourage activity without the need for proactive marketing”“.

Texas Tourism launched 6 courses on the new OTT site. Agents completing these 6 courses unlocked a ‘special edition’ Texpert badge. All Texpert badge holders have been invited to attend a special event in London on 20th April where one ‘Texpert’ badge holder will win a VIP trip to Texas.

Diana Stevie, the Senior PR Manager, Office of the Governor, Texas Tourism said: ““We could not be more pleased with the Gamification aspect of our OTT modules. We were looking for a viable way to encourage agents to learn each of the six Texas courses, and believe that gamefying the program as OTT recommended is one of the key reasons we have seen such success. Based on past performance indicators and records provided by OTT, we have more than simple instinctual belief that this was a successful venture - we have hard numbers that back up the value of such gamifications and we could, as I mentioned, not be more happy with our results to date.”“

Gary Bates, Sales Development Manager. Flexibletrips said ‘‘Since the new version of the OTT website was launched, we have seen a definite increase in module passes versus the same period in the previous year”“

Natalie McLean, Operations Director for Affordable Car Hire, said: ““Since the launch of the new OTT website and achievement badges we have seen a marked uplift in the number of course passes. The new website features make it far easier for users to access information and what is particularly encouraging is that the improved success rate has been achieved without any additional marketing activity. For us the new, advanced features mean OTT is even more powerful, enabling agents to train online and gain the confidence and skills they need to sell car hire to customers.”“

Travel Agent Feedback The response from travel agent training members has been very positive:
““The badges give you a sense of achievement, I’m proud of my OTT Guru status!”” Elaine Hennessey, Mid Counties Co-op

““The new site is visually appealing and the achievement badges encourage you to learn.”” Kathy Hudspith, KH Premium Travel

““The new site is informative and easy to navigate and the badges allow you to track what you’ve learnt.”” Amy Atkinson, Thornton’s Travel Service