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FREENOW launches Car Rental offering with strategic technology partner Meili

FREENOW launches Car Rental offering with  strategic technology partner Meili

Meili, the innovative travel technology platform which aims at reinventing partnerships within the global mobility industry, has announced its strategic partnership with FREENOW, Europe’s leading Mobility Super App. This collaboration is breaking boundaries in mobility as Meili’s unique technology is set to empower FREENOW in expanding its current offering, enabling customers direct access to premium global car rental brands.

As a strategic technology partner for FREENOW, Meili will play a pivotal role in expanding FREENOW’s mobility offering where users can seamlessly navigate a variety of mobility services through a single, intuitive app, covering public transport, taxis, car sharing, and now car rental. Meili’s dynamic solution seamlessly integrates with FREENOW’s platform, allowing users direct access to a diverse fleet of top-tier vehicles from renowned car rental providers.

Meili’s partnership with FREENOW brings together two pioneers in the tech and mobility sectors, creating synergies that will undoubtedly enhance the travel experience for millions of users. Meili CEO Mike McGearty expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, ““We are thrilled to join forces with FREENOW to offer users an unparalleled travel experience. Meili’s technology is designed to elevate the convenience and choices available to FREENOW customers, ensuring they have direct access to high quality, globally recognised car rental brands. This partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering seamless and innovative solutions that empower users in their travel journey. It aligns perfectly with our vision of providing integrated solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern travellers.”“

David Koral, Director of Partnerships echoes this sentiment, stating, ““Meili’s technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing comprehensive mobility solutions to our users. This partnership allows us to enhance our customer offering, ensuring customers have direct access to premium brands and the best loyalty programs available in the market. The technical integration was super simple, thanks to Meili’s leading-edge technology, making the process seamless for our teams and ensuring a swift implementation.”“

With Meili‘s technology driving FREENOW’s car rental services, users can anticipate a new era of convenience, choice, and excellence in their travel experience. This collaboration not only marks a significant milestone for both companies but also lays the foundation for future innovations in the ever-evolving landscape of mobility solutions.