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Five thousand say ‘We Love Egypt’

Five thousand say ‘We Love Egypt’

A crowd of over 5,000 turned out to show their support for holidays in Sharm El Sheikh at a “We Love Egypt” festival organized at SOHO Square, the Red Sea’s leading venue for restaurants, entertainment and shopping.

The crowd cheered, danced, sang, wined and dined in a unique event in Egypt representing the million UK tourists who come to Sharm El Sheikh each year.

“Holidaymakers, tour leaders, hoteliers, residents and business people from all walks of life came to show why Sharm El Sheikh holds a special place in their hearts,” said spokesman for the organisers, Khaled Saleh.

“Throughout the momentous days that saw our country transform into a new era we rejoiced to see our guests enjoying their holidays in the unchanging tranquillity on the ageless shores of the Red Sea. We watched, as millions did, the events unfold in faraway Cairo. We prayed for the peaceful outcome that thankfully transpired. We took great pride in our young people’s restraint; their determination to show the world that theirs was a legitimate cause.

“The people came to us and asked us to give them an opportunity to show why they love the City of Peace,” he added.

A minute’s silence was observed marking the events that ushered in Egypt’s new era. The British Consul Dawn Bacon told the crowd their support was an affirmation of British-Egyptian continuing cooperation. “We Love Egypt,” she said.

The event featured an Egyptian folklore show with Nubian dancers and Belly dancing, a Cuban Band and tumbler, face painting a Chinese Circus show and a non Stop Culturama Show featuring Egypt’s ancient past.

Sharm El Sheikh is often called the City of Peace because of the number of peace conferences hosted in the city. The city was developed largely after the Camp David Peace Treaty was signed between Egypt and Israel in 1978.

More than one million UK holidaymakers came to Sharm El Sheikh last year – three times the number in 2000.

Billions of dollars have been invested in hotel developments. The city’s international airport has been expanded to accommodate daily direct flights from Europe, the Middle East and links to cities in Egypt.

The golden beaches and azure waters of the Red Sea are set against the dramatic backdrop of the Sinai Mountain range and the Sinai Desert. The peace and serenity of the resort’s location at the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula marks the confluence of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez, which separates Sinai from the mainland of Egypt. A tunnel passing under the Suez Canal connects Sinai to mainland Egypt.

At the southern border of the city lies the protected Ras Mohammed National Park. Coral reef ecosystems found in the national park are recognized internationally as among the world’s best, due to their diversity of flora and fauna, clear, warm water devoid of pollutants, their proximity to shorelines and their spectacular vertical profile.

The Sinai desert is an attraction with its hidden treasures, historical sites and monuments including the Pharhaonic temple of Sarabit el Khadem, the Pharos Bath and St. Catherine’s Monastery, reputed to be where Moses received The Ten Commandments.

The event took place on 22nd February 2011.

Soho Square was voted “World’s Leading Entertainment Centre” at the 2010 World Travel Awards.