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Expatriate group release working abroad: The best EXPAT jobs

Expatriate group release working abroad: The best EXPAT jobs

Interactive map allows users to explore the top 10 expat countries for working and a range of jobs.

Expatriate Group has released an online tool allowing users to discover the best expat jobs across 10 countries. The countries were selected from InterNations Working Abroad Index, picking the top 10 countries ranked the best to work in by expats.

The best expat jobs map is completely free to use and is available on the Expatriate Group website now. Expatriate Group wanted to provide a resource for expats and those considering working abroad to get a clear picture on the best expat jobs in countries already applauded for their expat working conditions.

Using the rankings from InterNations, and data Expatriate Group acquired throughout their in-depth research when creating the working abroad map, the team were able to provide users with the following:
• The best paid job in each county
• The average working hours for expats
• The average cost of living
• The average monthly salary
• The cost of living percentage

The expatriate jobs chosen for analysis were based on Expatriate Group’s customers. GP, pilot, electrician, plumber, oil/gas engineer, accountant, teacher and cabin crew were all included in the data.
Expatriate Group’s interactive working abroad map, along with its accompanying content, is a resource for expats already overseas, as well as those thinking of relocating. As a main ranking criteria, Expatriate Group have taken the mean of the average cost of living as a percentage of the average monthly salary. In short, this is the amount of salary an expat could expect to spend on necessities each month. The data is based on costs as an individual expat living and working abroad. All currencies have been converted into USD.

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