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Discovery Cove Tickets

Discovery Cove Tickets

Discovery Cove Tickets
Have you ever met anyone who did not want to swim with dolphins? Discovery Cove is the place to go for that ultimate interaction with nature. Your Discovery Cove tickets introduce you to a world of thrills and spills, exhibits and relaxing family fun. Included in the price of the ticket are a fresh breakfast, lunch, beverages and unlimited snacks, as well as rental of snorkelling equipment, wetsuits and vests. Swim, float, wade with the animals while you soak up the sun.

Dolphin Interaction
This is the ultimate animal interaction. Accompanied by an experienced trainer, you enjoy 30 minutes of face time with one of Man’s closest cousins. Once you have been formally introduced to your bottlenose buddy and taken time to get acquainted, hold on to a fin and have the most amazing swim of your life.

The Grand Reef
The Grand Reef covers two acres of land and holds one million gallons of water and 140 tons of salt. The water is maintained at a comfortable temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. From the water’s edge to the shallow wading pools and deeper water of the reef, there is always something new to discover. Swim side-by-side with sharks, safe in the knowledge that there is a strong barrier of glass to keep you from becoming a delicacy at lunchtime.

Sea Venture
Don a diving helmet and stroll along the floor of the Grand Reef alongside fish, rays and sea life you may never even have heard of. No special skills are required, no SCUBA qualifications. Just a desire to commune with nature in a very special environment. Including orientation, the entire experience lasts about an hour.

Freshwater Oasis
What makes everything about Discovery Cove special is the intimate and personal connection with nature and the many fascinating creatures. Freshwater Oasis, a brand-new attraction that opened in Spring 2012, is no exception. Visitors may wade through the oasis or float effortlessly on a swim noodle along the water-filled trails as curious otters and playful marmosets eagerly welcome the company.

Explorers Aviary
Explorer’s Aviary is a hidden treasure tucked away behind the waterfalls and beaches. Visitors watch as hundreds of colourful feathered creatures fly around and fill the air with the kind of soothing sounds of which relaxation tapes are made.

Wind-away River
A slowly winding tropical river permits an unhurried exploration of avian and sea life. The current gently carries visitors past pristine sandy beaches, through dense rainforest, underneath rocky waterfalls and through a sunken cave. Every step and stroke of the way reveals new discoveries.

Serenity Bay
Immense, immaculate and maintained at a lazy 80 degrees Fahrenheit, Serenity Bay is where visitors go for a casual swim or a relaxing rest on the beach.

FloridaTix Discovery Cove packages

• Discovery Cove ticket package includes admission to Aquatica and SeaWorld

      Non-swim: £115/Swim: £195. Discovery Cove does not have child’s tickets.

• Discovery Cove Ultimate ticket package includes admission to Busch Gardens in addition to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Discovery Cove. Non-swim: £129/Swim: £207.

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