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Discover the exquisite flavors of traditional Dutch food

Even though the Netherlands is well known for its wooden clogs, and fields suffused with striking colored tulips, there are quite a few conventional Dutch food items you should try while exploring this country. It is way beyond their cuisines to that of pancakes. If you intend to visit the Netherlands and make the most out of your trip, then we would recommend booking flight tickets via KLM Airlines. You could yield Miles in the form of reward tickets for each euro spent.

Now we will discuss some of the top Dutch dishes at a glance

● Poffertjes

Poffertjes are small pancakes and are presumed to be one of the popular dishes in the Netherlands. They are cooked in an iron skillet and served along with melted butter. Besides, it is dusted using icing sugar. The ideal time to grab a bite is during auspicious festivals like Christmas and New Year. You could munch on it from nearby street food outlets, especially on a cold winter’s night. It is a delectable snack, which is served on a paper plate containing plastic forks.

● Hollandse Nieuwe Haring

Although it appears to be slightly bizarre, this delicacy is quite popular amongst the public in Holland. It is covered using a blend of preserving liquid, vinegar, and spices. They are served with onions and consumed as a snack. You should check it out at least once or twice and this dish succeeded in making it to the dinner table in the majority of households.

● Pannenkoeken

It does not matter what is the size or topping, the people of the Dutch prefer pancakes. This is a traditional snack featuring a diverse range of toppings served by most of the cafes in this region. They may not appear to be sensational dishes, but it is nothing much when compared to the ones prepared by a professional chef. It is served along with a hot cup of coffee while sitting outside the cafe and witnessing the world go by.

● Stroopwafel

Well known across the globe, the ‘stroopwafel’ is indisputably one of the most famous pastries in the Netherlands. It is a distinctive type of cookie or waffle prepared from baked butter and carved horizontally. Its thin layers are infused with a viscid syrup and a special sweet. This cookie was initially prepared in the early 19th century by a baker utilizing residues like breadcrumbs and sugar-coat it using syrup.

● Kroket

Although Holland is not famed for its exquisite dishes, they take pride in serving one of the best snacks ‘The Kroket’. It is a rich fried roll suffused with meat ragout and wrapped with breadcrumbs. You may eat it as a snack, but usually, they are served with chopped white bread and hamburger buns containing mustard. Most of the cafes and restaurants in this country are dealing with this astonishing cuisine.

● Patat

Patat is comparatively chunky to that of standard French fries. It is one of the sought-after dishes by the Dutch people since it comes with plenty of toppings including tomato ketchup and peanut sauce. They are normally served in a box or paper cone.

● Bitterballen

Bitterballen is one of the favored snacks amongst the Dutch and it goes well with a blend of beer. These meat-based balls are roasted and served with mustard. You need to pay close attention while trying this one as the filling is piping hot.

So are you geared up to indulge in some of the above-mentioned exotic treats of Holland? Which one of the above do you wish to taste while exploring this stunning country? Before that, you may navigate through the official website of KLM to book air tickets by downloading its app which is user-friendly at the earliest and avoids last-minute hassle. They are one of the leading sustainable airlines around the globe.