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Cancun international airport – a dig into details

Cancun international airport – a dig into details

Cancun is a city located in the Southeastern part of Mexico and on the northeast coast of the Yucatan peninsula. It is among the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico and has the municipality of Benito Juarez. The city is located over the Caribbean Sea and is one of the most eastern points. There is a separate island tourist zone apart from which the residential part of the city is located downtown and is called “El Centro.” Tulum is the major north and south artery that connects the downtown to the airport located 30 km south of the downtown.

The Cancun airport is in Cancun, Quintana Roo, on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is the second busiest in Mexico and the fourth in Latin America and handles approximately 25,281,989 passengers annually. It comes with two runways running parallel to one another. The airport is under the management of Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste and is a hub for Mayfair. It has constantly been expanding as it has become the second busiest point of entry into the country by air. The opening of a new terminal in 2017 was much to the excitement of the residents and vacationers, and on the inauguration, the day was overcrowded. It has taken all the necessary safety precautions for the proper safety of its employees and travelers.

The airport has a total of four terminals, all of which are being used simultaneously. The first terminal has seven gates. After the city suffered damages from Hurricane Wilma, the first terminal was temporarily closed and was remodeled. After its remodeling, the terminal was able to accommodate charter airplanes and serves only one airline, namely Magni.

The second terminal has a total of 22 gates, which are located in two different buildings. The first eleven gates are numbered A1-11, and the other eleven are numbered B12-22. This terminal handles the departure of most of the domestic flights to Central and South America. A bank and food outlet is available in the check-in area along with restaurants and shops to provide a better experience to the travelers. A VIP lounge under the Global Lounge network also serves both domestic and international travelers.
The third terminal of the airport has 21 gates: C4 through C24. The terminals have been recently amplified. Most US conveyors, as well as some European and Canadian conveyors, use this terminal. It provides shops (including duty-free), cafes, and restaurants and additionally includes immigration/customs services.

The fourth terminal was opened in October 2017 with 12 gates. This fact made Cancun international the first airport in Mexico to have four terminals. It can constrain nine million passengers in a year. The Airlines that fly through it are Air France, Aeromexico, Interjet, Lufthansa, Frontier Airlines, WestJet, Southwest Airlines, and Sun Country airlines. The management is also planning to open a parking structure and an on-site hotel.

The main accident that took place at the airport was on 15 March 1984, in which Aero Cozumel Flight 261 crashed while taking off. No one died in the accident, but one passenger died because of a heart attack. Before the beginning of the pandemic, the European continent was one of the busiest because of the tourists, but during the start, the continent’s borders were closed to prevent the spread of the disease. Now, some countries are trying to evoke their economy, which is why the London to Cancun flight returned on 14 December after 9 months.

Approximately 394 passengers landed at the airport. With that, Cancun has once again become one of the most important tourist destinations. The Mexican Caribbean has shown it’s international strength in tourism by recovering economically. Not only British flights but also the flights from Europe returned to Cancun and flights from Germany and France returned from Lufthansa and Air France. The London-Cancun flights will be flying for three days a week on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The average time of the flight will be around 10 hours, and the tourism market is very important for the Mexican Caribbean. Almost 76 percent of travelers from the United Kingdom will arrive in Mexico in 2019.

Airport expansion
For the sake of adding two new and different areas to the Cancun Airport, an investment of 141.5 million is made by the managing company ASUR. The company has decided to oversee all the rehabilitation and expansion of the infrastructure. They are also planning to look after ground and aircraft management. The amount of money that is planned to be invested for a better infrastructure was 135.8 million. This investment includes 5.5 hectares of urban preparation and includes assistance and support to aircraft on the ground.

This balance is planned by civil aeronautical authority and was established because of security purposes. This expansion project is planned to be continued for 14 months and is a subpart of the master plan for expansion services.