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Cancun comes alive after the pandemic with thousands of new flights

Cancun comes alive after the pandemic with thousands of new flights

After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in march, all of Mexico held its breath while waiting to hear the news of how the economy would be affected. Many businesses had to close temporarily, while others had to do so indefinitely all over the country, but in touristic areas like Cancun, the numbers were alarming.

This includes all of the tourism sectors in the Riviera Maya, especially the airport and the Cancun Transfers companies, which heavily rely on tourism to make a living and sustain their business model.

The industry of Cancun transportation was facing trouble. However, recently the picture is changing, and the Mexican government is taking measures to slowly build the economy back up by allowing non-essential business and workers to gradually return to their activities and instruct them on how to do so safely.

This is also influenced by American airlines, which as of late have decided to open new flight routes to Cancun and other Mexican top cities to reactivate the economy and let people reconnect with their relatives, friends, or business partners alike after an extended lockdown. This also holds true for other countries in Europe, South America, and Asia, which are slowly going back to a new way of living and reopening borders after this global pandemic.

Thus, a new wave of foreign tourism is expected by the end of this year around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which started surprising locals in mid-November with over 400 flights from all over the world, but mostly USA’s cities.

Cancun airport slowly comes back to its usual rhythm and welcomes all with open arms after learning the best practices to avoid a new peak in COVID-19 cases, which would eventually lead to a new lockdown period in Mexico are.

However, there’s been better news to celebrate Cancun airport’s growing fame: it is still one of the world’s most prominent
destinations of choice due to its privileged location near all of the best beaches in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Health protocols are put in place to guarantee tourists’ and locals’ well-being, and Cancun airport transportation companies are some of the first adopters. Vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in preparation for receiving new customers. Personnel is also trained to evaluate symptoms and maintain safe distancing and use masks, gloves, and other protective barriers to limit contact as much as possible.

By law, all businesses that wish to participate in this new normalcy and get revenue need to attain these health protocols and ask the same of their customers, including other means of transportation like Cancun Transportation and other providers located at the airport, such as gift shops and duty-free retail businesses.

The state of Quintana Roo’s government still hasn’t legalized companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in Cancun, so it’s advised to consider this in advance. While there are a few undercover drivers for these platforms, it is still not considered safe for tourists to hire their services since they don’t offer protection in accidents and could be harassed by local taxi companies. Public transportation cannot reach the inside or parking lot of the airport. Hence, most tourists opt to get shuttle services, especially the Official Cancun Airport Transportation, which has a good reputation among tourists worldwide.

Cancun transportation industry expects to bounce back from this all-time-low slowly and eagerly awaits for the holiday season to start and receive all its visitors with joyful and attentive dispositions. So, for all tourists wondering if it is safe to use the shuttle service, you can be sure that they will protect you and your loved ones’ wellbeing with all of the WHO’s designated hygiene and security measures.