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Brits abroad worth a whopping £10k price tag

Brits abroad worth a whopping £10k price tag

For many, getting ready for a holiday abroad involves packing up your best outfits, grabbing your entertainment systems and satellite navigation, and then waving goodbye to the UK for a well-earned break. In survey results released today by online ferry ticket aggregator, Direct Ferries, it has been found that the average UK holidaymaker will take a whopping £3,941 worth of possessions away with them when travelling abroad.

The survey, which questioned UK travellers on their holiday luggage essentials, uncovered the top ten most expensive items that travellers feel they cannot live without, which stacks up to a whopping £10,840 total per person when taking into account the average value of their car (£6,899).

Clearly Brits abroad are keen to make a good impression as fashion items all made the shortlist, with jewellery, clothes and sunglasses all appearing in the top ten most expensive holiday items. Capturing the holiday memories also results in a large hike in value, with both digital and video cameras adding £548 to the worth of luggage.

Top ten most expensive holiday luggage items

Ranking Possession           Value (Average £)
1       Jewellery               589
2       Clothes               500
3       Laptop computer     344
4       Luggage               337
5       Digital camera           335
6       iPhone / Smartphone     267
7       Satellite navigation system 244
8       Sunglasses           243
9       Video camera             211
10       iPad / Tablet           203

Tourists from Newcastle topped the poll as the region that packs the most costly items with the average value of their holiday possessions hitting a massive £9,862, which is over double the national average. Contrastingly, holidaymakers from Plymouth are thriftier when it comes to their packing, only taking an average of £2,268 away with them.

Given the large value of the possessions that we take abroad every year, it is encouraging to find that people keep their valuables out of sight of prying eyes. 82 per cent of respondents confirmed that they would lock expensive items away or keep them about their person to prevent theft or loss.

However, the younger generation may need to learn a thing or two about protecting their possessions, as over a quarter (26 per cent) of 18-24 year olds would fail to secure any of their valuables in a safe place.

The survey also confirmed that men really are gadget lovers, with the average UK male’s holiday suitcase stacking up to a total of £397 more than the nation’s females (male - £4,137 versus female - £3,740) owing to their expensive satellite navigation systems, tablet computers, smartphones and digital cameras.

Despite the nation’s men being stereotypically known for their questionable holiday attire of socks and sandals, survey results have shown that it is actually the men that take a higher value of clothing on holiday, taking an average of £500 worth in comparison to £399 for women. However, perhaps unsurprisingly, women still take the top spot when it comes to jewellery, with the average female in the UK taking up to £704 worth of necklaces, rings and earrings away with them.

Matt Davies, of Direct Ferries, commented, “When travelling abroad, it’s only natural that you should want to prepare for every eventuality during your break by taking along assorted clothing, as well as entertainment and electronic equipment. The beauty of ferry travel is that is allows you the freedom to do this at no additional cost, whereas you would be forced to pay extra when travelling by air.”