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Britons abroad - What food and drink do we indulge on?

Britons abroad - What food and drink do we indulge on?

Research carried out by hotel Club MAC Alcudia observed the eating and drinking habits of British tourist during the current holiday season - Snacks such as fizzy drinks and ice cream found to be most popular amongst holidaymakers

All-inclusive hotel Club MAC Alcudia has produced revealing research into the drinking and eating habits of British holidaymakers.

With pre-holiday diets left at the airport, it would appear that British tourists are far more carefree when it comes to their diets abroad.

The top five drinks consumed by British tourist at Club MAC Alcudia this season have been San Miguel, Pepsi, 7UP, Fizzy Orange and Orange Juice, whilst Ice Cream, Roast Chicken, Pizza, Yorkshire Puddings and Roast Beef are the favourite food choices.

Club MAC is a family friendly hotel, which would explain the amount of Ice Cream and fizzy drinks enjoyed whereas the high volume of beer could be explained by the British mentality of relaxing and de-stressing on holiday.

Hotel Director Miguel Amengual explained: “We find that our British guests enjoy a ‘home from home’ experience when on holiday, which is why a proportion of our food and drink items are typically British.

“In our experience, British tourists love relaxing in the sun and enjoying time with their family taking part in hotel activities. However, when it comes to meal options and drinks they expect similar choices to what are available to them at home.

“We try and cater for them as much as possible whilst also providing theme nights which give them the opportunity to experience different cuisines and local produce.”