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Breaking Travel News interview: René Nagels, Nannic International

Nannic is a third-generation family-owned Belgian business, producing innovative cosmetic solutions for active skin rejuvenation and long-lasting improvement.

Having been appointed as a partner for the upcoming World Spa Awards, Breaking Travel News here talks with René Nagels from Nannic International to find out more.

Breaking Travel News: Perhaps we could begin with an overview of the Nannic brand? What is it you offer to consumers in the spa industry?

René Nagels: Nannic skin care by science, is a brand that specialised itself to research new cosmetic applications for both consumer- and salon-oriented cosmetic concepts.

In this way Nannic often represents itself as a trendsetting company. 

For example, Nannic was the first company, back in 2001, with an aerosol application for self-tanning. 

This invention was copied later by many other brands.

Around 2008, Nannic was the first company with a rinse of deodorant designed to solve the paraben and aluminium problem.

Nannic was also trendsetting in creating RF applications in capacitive modus with plate electrodes. 

This enabled maximum power release with a focus on safety.

Just last year Nannic came up, again first, with a water-based, oil-free sun protection in spray form. 

Today, while we find there are many followers, still no one has come up with encapsulated sun filters in a fine mist spray.

As many safety reports mention, chemical UV filters are harmful to the hormonal balance in the body.

The particles are small enough to enter the blood stream and act as allergen and hormonal disturber. 

The Nannic UV shield with encapsulated UV filters is too big to penetrate the skin and small enough to remain invisible to the eye.

Nannic continuously develops new ideas to the beauty industry.

BTN: Nannic has been confirmed as a partner to the upcoming upcoming World Spa Awards. How do you hope the relationship will benefit Nannic?

RN: Since we are aware that more and more spas are willing to represent themselves as medicated properties there is a gap to be filled. 

Existing spas will continue what they are doing today, using existing brands, but additionally we notice that several spas are willing to add one or two products designed for result driven treatments for skin rejuvenation.

BTN: Has the growth of the wellness sector within the hospitality industry benefited Nannic in recent years? Is this a major part of your business?

RN: No it is not a major part of our business.

But we do see a continuous growth in this sector. 

Likewise, in the medical sector, we see that more and more dermatologists and plastic surgeons are prescribing Nannic products for their patients.

Most probably medical tourism and spa treatments will grow to a synergetic platform in the future.

BTN: Nannic is active in nearly 40 countries around the world. Which are the biggest in terms of sales and where do you see future growth coming from?

RN: Our biggest market is Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

Also Russia is fast growing.

Since we have a new and active organisation in the UK we expect massive growth in the UK as well.

BTN: Nannic Certified Salons and Nannic Premium Beauty Centres are key to your operations. What can you tell us about these?

RN: Since Nannic covers all needed treatments we see more and more salons work exclusively with Nannic. 

This trend was enough for us to start Nannic premium centres where treatments are done in exactly the same way all over the world.

Today’s traveling and internationally moving customer will be able to find exactly the same treatment in other countries too.

More Information

Find out more about this trend-setting cosmetics firm on the official website.

Nannic will partner with the World Spa Awards for the Gala Ceremony 2016.

The event is scheduled to take place at Forte Village in Sardinia on September 4th.

Find out more about the event here.