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Breaking Travel News interview: Ólafur Óli Ólafsson, chief sales officer, Guide to Iceland

Breaking Travel News interview: Ólafur Óli Ólafsson, chief sales officer, Guide to Iceland

Guide to Iceland has been honoured with the titles of Iceland’s Leading Destination Management Company and Iceland’s Leading Travel Agency at the World Travel Awards.

Here Breaking Travel News speaks to Ólafur Óli Ólafsson, chief sales officer with the company, to find out how it feels to have been recognised by voters from around the globe.

Breaking Travel News: Having claimed a top title at the World Travel Awards, how does it feel to have won?

Ólafur Óli Ólafsson: It feels amazing!

While my official title is chief sales officer, throughout the team I’m known as the head of customer happiness.

We strive very hard to provide expert guidance to travellers about Iceland by offering the best experiences and letting customers leave with happy memories.


This means providing the best possible customer service and giving them access to as much information as we can.

We want travellers to understand the culture they will be experiencing and feel excited about seeing in person all the amazing things they have read about.

We aim to empower travellers to take control of their trip, arrive ready to experience everything Iceland has to offer, and know that we are here to help them anyway that we can.

BTN: How will the trophy help you to promote Guide to Iceland as we move into 2022?

OOO: This trophy will not only act as a motivator, but it is also a great showcase of the level of our service excellence.

It inspires us to keep providing the best service and will create an added layer of trust for our customers.

This award reinforces our message that we are experts when we write about Iceland.

We want our travellers to feel confident in what they read on our website and when they book with us.

These awards demonstrate that Guide to Iceland is a dependable company dedicated to delivering the best service and experiences.

BTN: What is it that caught the eye of voters; what do you think it is that separates Guide to Iceland from its competitors in Europe?

OOO: This company is founded on a passion for sharing great traveller experiences.

The employees put their hearts and souls into the company, and it shows.

Founded by locals, there is a sense of pride that comes with showing travellers our home country.

Guide to Iceland is the biggest marketplace in Iceland, combining over 1,500 travel operators in a single community.

Our website is presented in 15 languages, giving billions of travellers the ability to browse in their native language.

Visitors have access to reviewed tours, accommodations and rental cars.

We want travellers to feel like they have all the information they need before experiencing Iceland.

Guide to Iceland is also rich in free travel information such as in-depth travel blogs, articles, and an opportunity to connect with the locals for the most authentic experience when visiting our beautiful country.

Finally, we pride ourselves in putting the customer first and providing the best travel experience possible, ensuring that everyone who books a trip with Guide to Iceland leaves with a positive and authentic Icelandic experience.

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