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Breaking Travel News explores: Culinary excellence of Capella Hanoi recognised by Michelin Guide
Capella Hanoi is the leading culinary destination in Vietnam

Breaking Travel News explores: Culinary excellence of Capella Hanoi recognised by Michelin Guide

Capella Hanoi has cemented its position as the pre-eminent dining destination in Vietnam with its first Michelin star.

Hibana by Koki took the prestigious honour, while Izakaya by Koki and Backstage Restaurant were also recognised with prestigious Michelin placement.

The highly anticipated arrival of the legendary guide in Hanoi cast a spotlight on the rich culinary traditions and vibrant street food culture of the city.

In this ground-breaking chapter of gastronomic exploration, Capella Hanoi emerged as the unrivalled dining destination in Vietnam, with its exceptional restaurants securing more esteemed positions in the prestigious guide than any other hotel in the country.

Hibana by Koki was one of only four restaurants in Vietnam awarded the historic accolade.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to an unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and outstanding service.

The Michelin star recognises the dedication and passion of the whole team, showcased through an unforgettable dining experience characterised by the fusion of authentic Japanese flavours, enticing textures, meticulous sourcing and artful presentation.

Also recognised as highly regarded, beating hundreds of contenders to make the esteemed Michelin list, are Izakaya by Koki and Backstage Restaurant.

Both pay homage to authentic northern Vietnamese cuisine.

At the helm of Hibana by Koki and Izakaya by Koki culinary prowess is the esteemed head chef Yamaguchi, a visionary force in the creation of extraordinary Teppanyaki and Japanese cuisine.

With unrivalled expertise and a wealth of experience over 20 years, Yamaguchi orchestrates a symphony of flavours using only the freshest, meticulously sourced ingredients from Japan.

His visually stunning creations are exquisitely gratifying to the palate, reflecting the harmonious union of umami, kansha and omotenashi embodying profound mastery of the culinary arts.

“I, myself, am a perfectionist in of Japanese cuisine.

“I focus on the harmony throughout the process, and the time to finish the dish to match with the rhythm of the guest.

“I applied the same standard for ingredients, as it must be in the most perfect condition, and served at the appropriate time.

“For me personally, having a flexible grasp of time is also the key to giving customers their own unique dining experience,” said Yamaguchi.

Looking ahead, Izakaya by Koki and Hibana by Koki are poised to continue pushing the boundaries of Japanese culinary innovation.

Drawing inspiration from the finest quality ingredients and incorporating rare and unique Japanese elements, they aim to create stunning combinations showcased within the menus.

Backstage Restaurant is a hidden gem deserving of this remarkable accolade.

The recognition is a testament to the restaurant’s unwavering dedication to culinary excellence, exceptional service and its bold interpretations of northern Vietnamese cuisine.

Paying homage to time-honoured traditions and showcasing locally sourced seasonal ingredients, Backstage Restaurant embraces innovative culinary techniques, captivating diners with harmonious flavours, exquisite textures and impeccable presentation.

Head chef Khoai leads the brigade at Backstage Restaurant with guidance and expertise from executive head chef, Marcus Meek.

Khoai is renowned for his visionary approach to Vietnamese cuisine.

With meticulous attention to detail, he sources the freshest and finest ingredients from unique local suppliers, crafting distinctive flavour profiles that elevate his signature dishes to unparalleled heights.

The fusion of modern international elegance and luxury with the rich culinary heritage of the region results in a truly remarkable dining experience.

“Backstage Restaurant embodies the fusion of modern Vietnam’s international elegance and luxury with the rich culinary heritage that Vietnam is globally renowned for.

“We uphold the culinary standards of centuries past, rooted in sourcing local, fresh, sustainable ingredients while striking a harmonious balance in every aspect of our creations. With the invaluable support and influence of Meek, I am immensely proud to lead a brigade dedicated to preserving and executing traditional Vietnamese dining at Capella Hanoi,” remarked Khoai.

With a growing trophy cabinet of awards, Capella Hanoi is now recognised as the number one dining destination hotel destination in Vietnam.

The property was recognised as the Asia’s Leading Luxury Boutique Hotel by voters at the World Travel Awards last year.

With a steadfast commitment to evolving and refining the culinary landscape, the hotel will continue to offer seasonal menus, engaging cooking classes and internship programs to nurture future culinary talents and uphold the standards created in the past year, since the opening.

Renowned for its culinary heritage and bustling food culture, Capella Hanoi promises to captivate food enthusiasts worldwide with its vibrant and diverse gastronomic scene.

The introduction of the Michelin Guide to this country heralds a new era of exceptional dining experiences, of which Capella Hanoi stands as the pinnacle and which Dennis Laubenstein, general manager, is proud to lead.

He remarked: “With dedication, pursuit of excellence and customer experiences, we strive to create memories of Vietnam that no other hotel can deliver, right here in the capital of Vietnam.

“Thanks to Michelin, the team and all the effort involved in everyday to bring such experience and passion to our work.

“Being awarded such a historic and lasting victory as a Michelin star is truly ground-breaking for Capella Hanoi.”