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Are Holiday Apartments the Future of Vacationing?

Are Holiday Apartments the Future of Vacationing?

The options available to us when going on holiday today are truly mesmerising. We have many more destinations to choose from, and accommodation options to ensure that we enjoy the maximum amount of comfort and relaxation possible. While hotels have continued to offer some increasingly absurdly priced luxury options, these will always be out of reach for the majority of the market.

The notion of a holiday apartment is not new. But today the conditions are unlike they have ever been in the past. Everything is ripe for holiday apartment providers to completely overtake the usual options that consumers have been stuck with for so long. There are a number of advantages to a holiday apartment for a guest, but there are also a number of advantages to this industry flourishing over its rivals.

The Airbnb Effect
Airbnb has had a serious impact on the way that we think about holiday accommodation. To say that Airbnb had been disruptive on the tourism industry would be an understatement. For those who are looking for a great place to stay, and at an affordable rate, in a city that is popular with tourists, Airbnb can provide options when all other methods fail.

However, perhaps more significantly, Airbnb is allowing people who live in these touristy areas to earn some money from it. All too often, when a city or region has a significant tourism industry, the majority of people living there are only able to benefit from it tangentially. There may be numerous businesses who are making a killing, but the average person isn’t in on the action. Being able to rent out a room in their home through Airbnb gives them a way of making some money back.

As a market, we are shifting away from hotels. The holiday apartment offers the same home away from home feel that an Airbnb does, but then combines this (depending on your Airbnb host of course) with a more hotel-like level of luxury and function. The holiday apartment concept marries both of these worlds together.

Making Travel More Accessible
There are many young people who would love to travel around their home country, seeing all that it has to offer them. But there are a variety of reasons that people don’t ultimately travel. For some people, it is an issue of money. For others, it’s to do with the type of accommodation available. Some people just don’t feel comfortable holed up in a hotel, and they find the intimacy of an Airbnb to be disconcerting. This is another area where holiday apartments really shine.

Check out to get an idea of what holiday apartments look like. It’s easy to see why many people would feel more comfortable here than in a standard hotel.

Value for Money
Consumers today are a lot more savvy when it comes to the value of what they buy. No longer are people only looking at the immediate cost. When you consider the amount of space, privacy, and freedom with a serviced holiday apartment compared to a hotel, there is no contest! Holiday apartments appeal particularly to the younger generation not just because of the modern amenities, but because they represent better value.

Serviced holiday apartments are a growing trend in most major UK cities. Compared to traditional accommodation options, a serviced apartment represents fantastic value, and a glimpse into the future of holidaymaking.