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Alternative Locations for an Amazing Budget Holiday

Alternative Locations for an Amazing Budget Holiday

An all inclusive sunny break is the perfect option for many families or couples on a budget, but sometimes we can get a little tired of the usual destinations that come with this sort of package - such as one of the Canary Islands or Ibiza.

Before deciding on your next amazing holiday destination, we would recommend you take these five steps in order to get the best deal possible:

● The Money Advice Service recommends shopping around on comparison sites to ensure you’re getting the best price for your flights or even currency exchange rate.
● Use a site such as Skyscanner to find the best flights.
● Check out Tripadvisor to see what people are saying about a budget hotel before booking.
● Check your everyday budget for anything you could take out, to free up more money for holiday savings.
● Consider a DIY holiday instead of a package deal. Sometimes you can get very cheap flights and build up your trip from there. It requires more work but can be worth it, when it comes to the savings you make.

If you’re planning a last minute getaway to catch some of that final bit of sun - then here are some destinations to add to the list:

Holiday resorts in Turkey offer luxury across the board, with 3-star hotels at low prices that usually meet the standards of 4-star and above in Europe. The country is beautiful and while many may be wary due to terror threats, many resorts have increased security with guards and security checks to ensure holidaymakers enjoy a safe and relaxing visit.


The country not only offers stunning hotel complexes but its beaches are world renowned too; with crystal clear water, white sand and exclusive coves set within green, lush mountain backdrops. The Turkish culture is something many enjoy on their visit, as they explore bustling marketplaces offering a wide variety of wares, where you can sample traditional and tasty Turkish foods such as baklava and mezze. The country’s ancient ruins offer a fun and educational alternative to a day by the pool, as you can explore them up close and learn more about its history and origins.

This location is quickly becoming a firm favourite among many tourists looking for a budget holiday. With surprisingly tranquil temperatures in the summer months and a stunning coastline, many tour operators have started to offer cheap all inclusive deals to this holiday destination.

Walking and biking tours are a popular choice among many visitors with long stretches of stunning scenery to explore, as well as plenty of historic sites to discover. For Game of Thrones fans, there are even location tours to visit where scenes were filmed for the show.

This place has it all. Soaring temperatures to catch a tan in, stunning mountain landscapes for the intrepid adventurer to conquer, vibrant cities and towns to explore with historical sites and culture hotspots and tranquil waterfalls to lose yourself in for the day.

Marrakesh is of course one of the most popular destinations for those planning a trip to this North African country, with plenty of activities on offer. Book a trip camel riding for the afternoon or try out some water sports along the coastline. Marvel in the architecture of the mosques and palaces in the city centre and pick up some traditional pottery or textiles to take home.

Dubai may seem like an expensive trip but you can actually grab a flight to the country for less than a first class train to London. Many travel agents are offering all inclusive deals now too, so you should be able to find a holiday for a great price; perfect if you’re on a budget. The country offers sun all year round - temperatures drop as low as 19°C in winter, so you won’t even need your coat then - as well as an up and coming tourist scene, perfect for families.

Plan a trip to one of Dubai’s man made beaches or spend the day exploring one of the many luxurious malls and restaurants. There is also the Dubai aquarium to get lost in for the day as well as the world’s largest indoor ski slope, strangely located in the desert. It’s an unusual location and one that will give you many stories and memories to bring home with you.

Cape Town
Definitely an unusual holiday destination, many are now discovering that Cape Town offers everything you need for a fun filled break. For the adventurers, there’s swimming with sharks or abseiling down Table Mountain but for those who simply want a relaxing holiday a visit to Cape Town should definitely involve sampling as many of the local restaurants as possible, discovering hidden beaches and paying a visit to the penguin colony that reside at Boulders Beach. This can all be enjoyed at relatively low prices, making the location a must visit for those looking for a lower budget holiday.

There are certain things you should be aware of however before planning a trip - while Cape Town is considered as safe as most big cities, it’s best to be aware of ongoing situations taking place there before you go and to plan accordingly.

Ready to enjoy that budget holiday somewhere amazing? Plan a trip to one of these destinations and have an incredible getaway for less.