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All year-round Bali Wedding Season

All year-round Bali Wedding Season

For most couples looking to tie the knot, the wedding season is the perfect time to save the date. However, wedding season is not the only time that couples should consider when planning their wedding. For most couples, a wedding is something they will experience once (maybe twice) in their lives. They want to make sure that every detail down to the last penny is spent properly. For a destination wedding to Bali, then a Bali wedding at the AYANA Resort and Spa is the way to go. This amazing resort has package deals, reception areas, and ceremonial venues for every type couple. Do you want your reception or ceremony to be held outside or inside? Would you prefer a long or short ceremony? Where do you want to spend your honeymoon? These are all questions that a couple should ask themselves before they start planning their wedding. The quicker you know the answers to these questions, the faster you can arrive in the glorious AYANA Resort and Spa in Bali.

When planning a wedding, couples should consider the following items:

For any lucky couple who has parents that are willingly to help pay for the wedding, take advantage! Parents are always wanting to help their children in any way they can, so when they say “We’ll pitch in for the wedding”, don’t argue. Planning a wedding is no easy task and sticking to a budget while choosing the perfect venue doesn’t have to be difficult with AYANA Spa and Resort. If you are planning to front the wedding bill yourselves, then choose a budget and actually stick to it.

The Dress
While many brides will opt to choose their dress in their hometown and then fly with it to their destination wedding, this may not always be the best option. At the AYANA Spa and Resort, there is a shopping arcade with a prestige wedding dress shop, White Door. You can choose the perfect dress and have it sent to your hotel room without any surprise mishandling.

Wedding Packages
While each wedding and couple is unique, the AYANA Resort and Spa has pieced together several wedding package options that can fit many couples budget and style. Some of the wedding packages offered are the Sunset Promise Wedding, Secret Garden Wedding, and the ‘Something New’ AYANA Villa package. Couples can customize their wedding to fit their personal styles. From the reception area, to the food, to the flowers, couples are in charge of their wedding day plans and AYANA Resort and Spa is there to see them through.

Wedding Services
At the AYANA Resort and Spa, the hotel staff is prepared to handle any crazy wedding drama that comes their way. They offer their guests a wedding planner to make their wedding day run as smoothly as possible. The wedding consultants at this resort have been professionally trained to deal with the most absurd sceneries and the most out of control bridezillas. Couples can choose from a live DJ, live band, a string quarter, or a violin duo as their entertainment for the ceremony and reception. At the end of the wedding reception, guests and the newly married couple can enjoy a fireworks celebration.

Wedding Perks
Planning a wedding can be stressful for a couple, so take advantage of the Bride and Groom Spa services offered at the AYANA Resort and Spa. Brides can choose to include a hair and makeup specialist to their wedding package.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were already at your honeymoon destination prior to the wedding? Couples who stay at the AYANA Resort and Spa can choose to stay in the Honeymoon suite after their splendid wedding reception. There wouldn’t be any hassle of trying to get to the airport the day following the wedding to start their honeymoon because the newlyweds can wake up to breakfast room service in their suite.

Couples can have their cake and eat it too at a glorious Bali wedding planned at the AYANA Resort and Spa.