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A new way to find the best escorted holidays

A new way to find the best escorted holidays escorted holidays

If you’ve ever been on holiday you will know how tiresome it can be trying to find out where the best places are to eat, drink and socialise. Often holiday reps or hotel staff can misunderstand your requests or send you to places owned by friends charging extortionate prices, rather than the good quality destinations you were hoping for.

Travel Reps are often even worse, charging double the price of the local residents for excursions and other family days out. Asking the locals can also lead nowhere, especially if you are in a country where you don’t speak the language. Sometimes it isn’t until weeks or even months after your holiday that you realise how much you actually missed, simply because no one was there to tell you where you should try.

If this has happened to you or your family you may be interested in a new type of holiday, and this is why you should seriously consider escorted holidays.

Why Escorted Holidays?
Escorted holidays are a great way to sample the best of the local culture, as each guide has been hand-picked for their individual expertise. Whether you are heading to New York City, or Cairo, if you use a site like with guides in over 40 countries, you are sure to have a welcoming, helpful escort to show you round and make you feel at home.

With their insider knowledge of the best restaurants, clubs, bars or even historical monuments, you will find that you never miss a thing again on your holiday. While often holiday reps can be invasive or pushy, these guides are there for you only if and when you need them, helping you with your holiday, rather than planning it for you.

The difference between these and other holiday guides is that Travel Department’s guides are locals, they truly know the area you’re visiting, and this is what separates them from other holiday companies. The best escorted holidays can be like traveling with the most up-to-date, with-it guide book money can buy.

But I like my independence
Escorted holidays are not just about providing escorts, they are about providing the best service possible using local knowledge from residents to provide you with a one-of-a-kind holiday experience.

If you are interested in travelling without an escort this is also possible, but you will still be given lots of information from the natives to help you get the best out of your experience. Whatever type of escorted holiday you choose, you won’t want to travel without a local’s guidance ever again.