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7 Beauty Care Travel Essentials

7 Beauty Care Travel Essentials

Probably the most headache-inducing thing before traveling is packing. There is always going to be that question of whether you’ve packed enough or too much. And even when you think you’ve got everything you need, often, you still end up buying something you should have packed in the first place. So to help you with your travel essentials list, here are seven beauty care products you need to be bringing with you on holiday.

1.  Straightening Brush
Use a straightening brush. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be wasting your time styling your hair while on vacation. A straightening brush is very easy to use and gives you that sleek, stylish straight hair without the hassle every time.

2.  Facial Cleanser
You may be tempted to skip on bringing yours since most definitely your accommodation will provide soap but please do not use that for your face. Bring your trusted facial cleanser unless you want zits popping out of your face or worse get an ugly skin rash due to irritation. Facial cleansers are now available in stick form so don’t worry about the mess and airport liquid rules!

3.  Sunscreen
Whether you are going to the beach or not, never skip on sunscreens. Since you’ll be traveling, for sure there will be sightseeing involved and walks under the sun. Protect your skin with at least an SPF 30 against UVA and UVB rays that can harm your skin and cause sunburn.

4.  Lip balm
Unquestionably not just a travel essential but also for everyday use, a moisturizing lip balm protects your lips from getting dried out, no matter where your destination is and whatever season it is. If you think you need a bit more color to look extra pucker licious, get a tinted one that matches your skin tone.
5.  Blusher
Believe it or not, a blush may be the only makeup you’ll ever need when you travel. It is not as popular as a lipstick, but a blush can change the way you look and make you glow. With just a simple swipe of it across your cheeks… Violà!—A fresh, young and bright looking face in an instant. Still not convinced? Use a cream blush, and you get on-the-spot lipstick and eyelid highlighter.
6.  Insect spray
Insects, bugs, whatever type of crawlies or flies—they are everywhere. Why is it a beauty care travel essential? Because nobody wants a cluster of red, itchy and painful bumps, welts, rashes, hives and or blisters on any part of their body while on holiday. Prevention is key. So arm yourself with an excellent repellant to avoid biting and stinging creatures. 

7.  Sanitizer
No need to be a germaphobe to need this one. Indeed when you are traveling, there are lots of places to see, and there are also lots of things to touch—things that have even been touched by other people who have been to other places and have also touched other things… you get the drift. Now imagine touching your face after that. So yes, that sanitizer is going in the bag.

You’re welcome. You can chill for now as that’s part of your packing list sorted. Good luck with the rest though! Just remember, however crazy and stressful packing for travel gets, don’t let it spoil your adventure. Enjoy the experience from start to finish. It’s all part of the luggage!