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5 Things to know before playing Online Slots

5 Things to know before playing Online Slots

Most casino players will engage with slot games at some point or another since they take up the largest space in casinos, you can find many over at They are usually the first one encounters when entering a casino and there is such a diverse variety of them, which can match all the different tastes.

However, even those who are not casino fans could engage with slot machines in bars or pubs, since they are commonplace there as well – or in the ever-growing, online market. As their popularity was massive offline, online casinos have managed to offer an even bigger variety of arcade games on their websites.

Nevertheless, as technology evolves and players keep demanding more from their slot experience – companies have been creating more flashy, complex and unique slot games. Thus, here I will outline some central characteristics, which are apparent in all slot machines – providing you with the basics to go after the next jackpot.

This is the most significant characteristic of a slot machine, as it determines the winnings. Payline is the line that directs the reward according to a winning combo. Slot machines tend to have about 9-30 paylines, and if for instance you pick a slot game with 13 paylines then you have 13 chances of winning. They can run straight, zigzag and diagonal across the different reels. Any of the paylines can trigger a reward and the symbols do not have to be next to each other.

Wild Symbols
These are the symbols one can’t wait to see when playing on a slot machine. They substitute for any other symbol (except free spins, scatter or any other bonus symbol), so if you have 2 same symbols on the payline and one wild symbol then you win. Each slot machine has its own design for the wild symbol, while according to the slot game it can have no individual value at all or be the highest paying symbol.

Scatter Symbol
This is the older brother of the wild symbol and does everything he can’t do. Free spins, bonus, extra games – you name it – the scatter symbol triggers them. You will probably need a number of them in order to trigger their offering, but they don’t have to be on a payline – just appearing on the reels is enough. Before playing a game, you should always first identify what the Scatter symbol offers.

These do exactly what the name suggests, multiplying the reward that you will earn. Picking a slot game that features these symbols is a smart choice, as they tend to be apparent in the highest paying slot machines. They can even multiply the number of free spins one has won.

Return to Player
RTP is unique to each slot game and refers to the money it gives back out of what has been spent into it. The highest the RTP percentage the biggest the chance of winning, so check it out before starting playing.
Indifferently of the diverse range of slot games apparent, by keeping in mind the above 5 things – one can dive into the casino experience safely.